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Leonardo Webinar 5 best practice tips to drive direct bookings

Webinar Recap: 5 Best Practice Tips to Drive Direct Bookings

Based on the research, hotels of all sizes and star ratings are spending a LOT of time on sales and marketing activities – but they aren’t seeing the results they need from their property website. It’s clear that hotels need to find unique ways to differentiate themselves from the competition, so they can drive more direct bookings with their website.

Webinar recap image How to build a mobile website that converts

Webinar Recap: How to Build a Mobile Website That Converts

By the end of 2016, Skift predicts that over half (51.8%) of online travel bookings in the US will come from mobile devices. So if you don’t have a mobile website for your hotel, then you’re missing out serious revenue. Here’s a quick recap from our latest webinar, “How to Build a Mobile Website That Converts.” Watch it on-demand to learn more.