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Highlights from the Eye for Travel Social Media Conference 2011

At the 2011 Eye for Travel Social Media Conference in San Francisco last week, social media and mobile were top of mind. But the real overarching theme was content. Almost every company that was on a panel or presented, spoke about and stressed the importance of good content, especially visual content and video in particular.

Online Travel Content is in Need of a Makeover

According to a September 2009 Forrester Research report, Poor Content Could Cost Travel eBusiness Money, hotels are particularly vulnerable to losing money due to inadequate online content. Travelers have had enough of the generic, poorly organized, and confusing written and visual content on travel sites. “Just half of US online leisure hotel guests are satisfied […]

Merchandising University – Evaluating Your Online Presence

According to Forrester Research, 38% of US online hotel guests — 47.5 million people — avoid staying at hotels that they can afford because they don’t see photos, video, or written content that would make them feel comfortable. These guests are considered ‘content-sensitive’ travelers. They are “young, quality-focused travelers who take more trips and spend […]

Better merchandised hotels get more bookings…

A successful online strategy should be focused on both driving traffic to websites, but also converting it when they arrive. SEO, PPC and many Social Media activities are primarily focused on driving traffic and creating awareness online, while visual merchandising is what helps convert traffic and close the sale.

Thinking Beyond Distribution to Merchandising

An interesting point is made in the TravelCom 2009 Keynote – “There’s No Room for Maybe”: “cross-selling isn’t merchandising” and for too long, the travel industry has been thinking of distribution as putting inventory into channels and NOT about merchandising. Stating that the travel industry could benefit from observing what is going on in other industries, citing examples of successful online retailers, particularly J.Crew.

New Video – OTAs – The Gateways to Purchase Consideration

In this episode, Henry Harteveldt, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research discusses the role online travel agencies and similar sites in the travel planning and hotel marketing process. Watch it now to learn why OTAs are: More than just booking engines Great sources of discovery, advice and learning for travel shoppers Opportunities to show why […]

Content: The Key to Hotel Bookings?

The online travel planning process is one that often involves research on multiple websites and consideration of a number of factors. Learn why hotel content (primarily visual) plays a significant role in driving bookings.

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