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Best Practice Bootcamp, Session 2

Pinterest and Instagram, to name a couple, ushered in visual marketing as the breakout trend in 2012. When we look back, not that long ago…..blogs were one of our earliest forms of social networking where people were writing 1000 words, according to Dr. William Ward, Social Media professor at Syracuse University.

Our Interview with Reel Marketer about Hotel Media Marketing and Video

In this interview with Reel Marketer, our President, John McAuliffe answers:

What are a few particularly effective media marketing strategies that hospitality properties/brands are investing in now?
What actions must hospitality brands implement today to stay ahead of each other in today’s competitive marketing environment?
What are projects that you can point to that boosted a brand or properties sales?

Dare to Be Different

“You can differentiate on anything… but you must differentiate on something!” states Bonnie J. Knutson, Professor at Michigan State University’s School of Hospitality Business with work featured in industry publications as well as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNN and NPR. Online, most hotels appear undifferentiated to travel shoppers who want to know: what […]

Thinking Beyond Distribution to Merchandising

An interesting point is made in the TravelCom 2009 Keynote – “There’s No Room for Maybe”: “cross-selling isn’t merchandising” and for too long, the travel industry has been thinking of distribution as putting inventory into channels and NOT about merchandising. Stating that the travel industry could benefit from observing what is going on in other industries, citing examples of successful online retailers, particularly J.Crew.

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