Tag: Marketing Strategy

How will Facebook’s Graph Search feature impact hotels?

Facebook Graph Search is an absolute game changer for hotels. It used to be, if I wanted to search for a hotel, I would go to Google and find deals. Now, I can go to search right on Facebook and find hotels that my own friends like, find hotels that my own friends have stayed at, and my friends are more powerful than any possible ad.

How can hotels find content for social media?

You can find content for social media all around you, if you have a creative eye for it. Even the little things like an upcoming holiday decoration, take a picture of it, edit it up and say “Halloween in the hotel is coming,” or something fun. You can even welcome a large group to your hotel by posting on their Facebook wall or your Facebook wall. Even the smallest things make great social media content, and they can really showcase your hotel’s personality.

How can I identify my brand’s story?

Storytelling has always been an important aspect of the hotel marketing program, but the beautiful thing is unlike the days of old where storytelling meant a TV commercial or a glossy brochure, now you can tell your story using social media.