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The Ultimate Guide to UGC: Part 2 of 2

We all thrive on creativity, but in order to sustain this creativity, splashes of inspiration need to wash over us on a daily basis, but sometimes the watering hole dries up. Then we think to ourselves now what?

How to Evaluate Your Website’s SEO: Part 4 of 4

The goal of search engine optimization is to help your website generate more organic traffic, reach more travelers and ultimately help your website appear on the first page of search engines. Find SEO a challenging topic but want to find out how your website is doing? Here’s a good place to start.

Video Raised the Marketing Bar

Video killed the radio star much like video continues to dominate hotel marketing. When it comes to marketing your hotel property; engaging pictures and videos are what turn travel shoppers into travel bookers. Don’t just tell them about your property- show them!

Superstar Storyteller: Crowne Plaza Boston Woburn

We all know that having striking, enticing images on your hotel website is important, but the way you display the visuals is as important as the images themselves. The Crowne Plaza Boston Woburn recently redesigned their website photo gallery in order to better showcase what their hotel has to offer.

What Online Travel Shoppers Want

The world of travel shopping is changing in ways that reflect overall trends in Internet commerce. Online hotel shoppers – like all online shoppers – value rich visual content that informs and supports their buying decisions. As their expectations grow, they are gravitating to hotels that most effectively present themselves online.