2015: New Year, New Snackable eBook

Here we are – 2015! A fresh, crisp calendar is up on the wall, the in-laws have left, the decorations are going back into hibernation for another 11 months and all the New Year’s resolutions are still in their infant stages.

One of the resolutions we’ve made this year at Leonardo is to continue to provide you with snackable and easily-digestible content, which is what consumers want in our fast-paced, on-the-go society.

To stay true with our vision for the New Year, we shortened our 2015 eBook into a more condensed version to showcase the most pertinent information, called “The 4 Most Important Hotel Marketing Trends for 2015.”


This concise version of our latest eBook for hotel marketers breaks down and thoroughly examines:

  • The effectiveness of content marketing
  • The power of social media and mobile
  • Accurately targeting travel shoppers
  • A critical look at the entire shopping journey

Put this to the top of your New Year’s reading list by downloading our free eBook: The 4 Most Important Hotel Marketing Trends for 2015.

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