3 Ways Marketers can Benefit from Facebook Graph Search

Hotel marketers have a unique opportunity to utilize Facebook’s new Graph Search feature. Most marketers at this point have heard of this tool but are not sure how to use it to increase bookings.

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Facebook Graph Search is essentially a web search engine that uses social signals to create an answer to your specific question, such as “Friends that went to my High School who like basketball.” Facebook’s answer will be a specific list of people that fit that description including their profile picture and other products, or activities that they enjoy. Graph Search is fundamentally different from Google and Bing, because it’s designed to answer the specific question you’ve asked rather than provide links to other websites that may be able to answer what you asked.

From a consumer’s perspective, it is a great tool to find old friends or search for those that share your interests, such as skiing, fishing, movies or books.  It can make your large social circle feel much smaller by finding out what restaurants your friends recommend or what new bands they’re listening to.

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But how can it help hotel marketers better connect with their guests and push their content?

Hotel content is often searched for and shared on Facebook, in fact: “Users add more stories about travel to their Facebook Timelines than they do any other type of life event” ( Facebook Graph Search allows you to expand your reach by making your content (images, posts) more accessible through the search engine.

It can also help you:

Increase your reach by having your content more findable by people who have never liked or seen your page

Now a person who has never seen or heard of your hotel can type in “hotels my friends like” and your property is more likely to be a result.  This will also increase “Likes” and findability for your entry page not just your content.

Allows your older posts to be relevant again

This is based on the search, your content may satisfy someone’s need but because it was so far down your timeline no one ever saw it.  With Facebook Graph Search the person can search for that specific “Special Offer” or dish you serve in your hotel easily.

Bottom line is that hotels have a story to share and Facebook Graph Search allows that story to reach a larger audience and stay relevant for longer. It keeps your hotel top of mind and increases your user engagement and most importantly your bookings.

For more information on how to utilize Facebook check out this webinar: Making the Most of Facebook For Your Hotel.

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