5 Contrasts Between Mobile Websites and Apps


The big picture is clear by now, mobile is the way of the future and if you’re not riding the mobile wave, you’re left behind. There has been a lot of debate recently about whether a business should focus on developing a mobile website or app, and what the best value is. The answer to that is simple; it depends on your needs.

If you are a branded hotel it is likely that your corporate head office already has developed a mobile application for your brand; in that case it is not necessary to develop an independent app. However, it is vital to develop a mobile version of your hotel website because this feature is said to be important to 72% of adults that participated in Google’s study.  If you are an independent or boutique hotel considering whether to develop an app, you need to carefully assess your needs and evaluate if the decision is right for your property. Regardless, a mobile optimized website is a must!

Here are some interesting contrasts in the ways that consumers use mobile apps and mobile sites.

1. 90% of unique visits come through mobile websites in contrast to a mere 10% from apps (comScore).

2. Mobile apps are primarily used to connect (69%), navigate (65%) and inform (61%) while mobile websites are overwhelmingly used to shop (73%), search (63%) and entertain (60%) (Mashable).

3. Consumers spend 9% more time on apps. However, they spend longer lengths of time on the mobile website for shopping and research (Mashable).

4. Apps are high involvement because they require downloading. Mobile websites are easily accessible from a variety of mobile devices and don’t need to be downloaded; therefore it’s easier to attract a unique view (Mashable).

5. Mobile websites are faster and cheaper to develop in comparison to apps (Mashable).

Mobile apps and mobile websites are utilized to access different content; therefore it is essential that it aligns with your marketing strategy.  In the hotel industry, the goal is to drive sales and use the channels that do so with the best results. Since mobile websites stimulate the behaviors that lead to sales (shopping and searching) and serves the bottom line, it is evident that optimizing mobile websites is the best choice for hoteliers.

To learn more about how to create a better mobile websites, download this guide: Total Mobile Website Optimization: 8 Essential Elements for Hotels to Implement

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