5 Must Haves for Maximizing Your Digital Marketing

Ensuring that you’re getting the most value from the digital marketing for your management company’s entire portfolio is a top priority. With the growing number of websites (proprietary and third-party) and devices that travelers use to research and book hotels, there are so many places that you need to be telling your hotels’ stories.

A robust digital marketing system designed to help hotels tell more compelling stories across the web and improve conversion can help you feel confident that you’re getting the most value out of your digital marketing.

Here are 5 must haves to look for in a digital marketing solution:

1. Visual merchandising features for hotel websites

In this age of faster internet broadband speeds and visually driven websites, engaging photos and media are replacing large sections of copy. Today, the hotel websites that drive the most direct bookings feature large, high resolution visuals that are curated into stories and published prominently on their pages.
Hotels need to tell compelling stories on their websites and landing pages in order to capture their visitors’ attention and bookings. Fully-integrated, quick loading, easy to update multi-media galleries are the best way to present these stories.

2. Broad distribution networkGlobally Connected

Studies by Google reveal that the average travel shopper visits as many as 22 different websites before they finally feel prepared to book. This means that the way they experience the hotels in your portfolio on third-party travel websites influences their booking decisions. The hotels with the most compelling visual stories on travel websites see higher engagement levels and more bookings.

The best way to ensure that your hotels’ visual stories are reaching travel shoppers throughout their hotel shopping journeys is by tapping in to the largest network of travel sites in the global travel industry.

3. All-in-one system

When you’re telling compelling visual stories for your entire hotel portfolio, it means you’re dealing with a lot of hotel media files – images, videos, virtual tours. It’s time consuming to upload hotel media to multiple systems and websites and doing so could mean that travel shoppers are not seeing your hotels’ visual stories optimally and consistently.

An all-in-one visual storytelling solution ensures that travel shoppers see consistent visual stories about your hotels on travel websites, social media, hotel websites and mobile devices, increasing their confidence and likelihood of booking.

4. Mobile optimization featuresMobile Optimization

Nothing frustrates a website visitor more than a site that is slow loading and impossible to navigate on their smartphone or tablet. In fact, many will leave a site immediately and move on to a competitor’s site if they are unable to easily accomplish what they are looking to do. Optimizing your hotels’ websites for smartphone and tablet visitors can prevent that from happening.

With the growth of mobile device usage for travel shopping, mobile optimized sites are must-haves for hotels. A truly complete digital marketing system can create optimized multi-media driven mobile websites for your hotels using the media already in the system, so there’s no need to hire an agency or upload media to another system.

5. Flexibility

It’s important to choose a solution that lets you manage your digital marketing the way you want to. A flexible system will give you options, allowing you to manage all of your hotels’ digital media and marketing initiatives centrally to maintain control and continuity or to make your properties responsible for managing their own media and digital marketing.

Is there such a system available?

The answer is yes. VBrochure is a complete digital marketing solution that includes all of the must have features discussed here and more. It’s designed to help you maximize your digital marketing and increase bookings by telling more compelling hotel stories across the web.

Learn more about VBrochure.

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