6 Property Websites We Love And Why

We see a lot of amazing websites that represent stunning, unique properties all around the world. While no property is ever the same, we’ve noticed that the websites that we fall head-over-heels in love with all have something in common.

Websites that do extremely well have these six characteristics that are loved by customers and property owners alike:

1) Contains visual storytelling
2) Targets stories to their guests
3) Easy booking
4) Features special offers
5) Accessible social media buttons
6) Offers a seamless mobile experience

Below, we’ve rounded up the properties we love that do a wonderful job of showing these best practices.

1. J-House Greenwich

What we love about it: Their visual storytelling

JHouse Collage - Properties we love

Storytelling is an effective marketing tool in the hospitality industry because travel shoppers can envision themselves enjoying their stay at your property. J House Greenwich‘s website stands out because of the stunning and bold visuals that are displayed front and centre. Large, clear images of their restaurant’s gourmet food, the property’s stunning outdoor oases and other amenities definitely entices customers. J House Greenwich effectively tells travel shoppers their captivating visual story through the use of high-quality images, a video tour, and original content.

2. Red South Beach Hotel

What we love about it: How they target stories to their guests

Properties We Love 02

Each property has a special story to share. Located in Miami Beach, Florida, the Red South Beach Hotel website highlights their unique property’s luxurious accommodations. In a nod to their hotel’s name, the various red accents is especially complimentary throughout their site. The website shows travel shoppers their property’s distinctive characteristics through their many images, their video tour and details such as every guest’s complimentary drinks during happy hour.  The Red South Beach Hotel website clearly tells their guests a story of indulgence and sophistication.

3. Farnsworth House Bed and Breakfast & Holiday Inn Express New York City Fifth Avenue

What we love about them: Their easy booking


The Farnsworth Bed and Breakfast website has multiple pages, but no matter what section travel shoppers are looking at, their eye is naturally drawn to the “Book Your Stay” button and “Check Rates” button.

Properties We Love 05

Holiday Inn Express New York City Fifth Avenue also has a similar button, but features a drop down menu that lets you easily enter the number of rooms you need and the number of people in your party. Easy booking makes it much more enticing for travel shoppers to plan their next getaway at your property.

4. Glasbern Country Inn

What we love about it: Their special offers page

Properties We Love 06

A special offers page is an essential part of every successful property website. Glansbern Country Inn, located in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania, does a great job of exhibiting their special offers that targets both leisure and business travelers. Easy access to the special offers page gives travel shoppers ideas on what to do during their stay at the Glansbern Country Inn – welcome retreats, couple getaways, girls’ weekends,  workplace retreat packages and returning guest specials encourages potential guests to book their stay and come back for another visit.

5. Cedars of Williamsburg

What we love about it: Their social media amplification

Properties We Love 03

By now, every hotel marketer knows how important it is for your property to have a social media presence. Travel shoppers love to turn to social media for travel inspiration and to share their travel stories.   We adore how the Cedars of Wiliamsburg Bed and Breakfast designed their website to have their social media buttons on both their header and footer, making it easier for guests to do there extra research. Travel shoppers can easily click to see the Cedars of Williamsburg’s Twitter, Google Plus, Trip Advisor, Pinterest and Facebook pages.

6. Glidden House

What we love about it: Their mobile experience

Properties We Love 04

This luxury boutique hotels offers their guests an easy-to-read, seamless mobile experience. Travel shoppers can enjoy creative, original content about the property’s history and learn more about specific events that can be hosted on their property.  Future guests can also use the website to learn more about what to do in the surrounding Cleveland area.  Having a mobile optimized website like the Glidden hotel is crucial to the success of your property. After all, 77% of mobile searches take place where people also have a PC available to them, according to the Google’s Mobile Search Moments study.

Properties We Love 10

As we’ve seen, these websites go the extra-mile to show travel shoppers everything their property has to offer. Incorporating these best practices and multimedia into your property’s site are easy ways to increase direct bookings.

Want to wow travel shoppers even more? Check out our hotel marketer’s guide to the best multimedia practices. 

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