6 Tips for Wooing Travel Shoppers


Much like other relationships, long-term business relationships need tender love and care to keep the connection alive and relevant.

An engaging online presence, elegant hotel lobby, and a stunning view of the city may impress a first-time guest the same way buying your date flowers will; however in order to create a relationship that is full of lasting love, it is important for your hotel to connect with your guests by creating an experience they will never forget- both online and off.  So, here are six tips to help your hotel turn a short-lived relationship into a lifetime of pure bliss:

1.      Winning them over

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so it’s important to make it count.  You spend hours prepping to look perfect for that first date, so why wouldn’t you put the same effort into making a memorable first encounter with your travel shoppers?  Create a strong presence online by sharing your hotel’s story through your website and amplify your story on third party sites as well.  This will tell travel shoppers that you’re consistent and reliable, qualities they’re looking for in a hotel. Interact with consumers over social media channels, reply to comments, share interesting content and make them feel like they are important to you. Win your guests over online and you will have them smitten after only one click.

2.      Spend Quality Time Together

Take some quality time to consider who you are.  Spending this QT with your hotel will ensure it remains authentic.  Instead of looking at your hotel from the corporate side, take a look at your property from your customers’ perspective.  A fresh perspective could have you seeing new facets of your hotel’s story come alive.  What exactly is it that your guests love about your hotel?  What makes you different from other properties? Taking a look at this could create a brand new story line that you can portray online to potential and current customers.

3.       Delight With Novelty

After bringing your lady to Chick-fil-A for yet another “romantic dinner”, it has become obvious that your long-term relationship has become pretty monotonous.  Don’t let your hotel fall into a dull routine, too.  Spice things up for your guests with seasonal promotional offerings or one-of-a-kind events.  Share special offers on Facebook or invite guests to tag you in Instagram posts for a prize. Choose California Pizza Kitchen over Chick-fil-A once in a while.  It really is the little things in life that bring the greatest joy!

4.      Know When to Over-Communicate and When To Listen (Genuinely!)

Although your hotel may be active on social networks, it is open two-way communicationlisten that will create successful engagement.  Build a robust, transparent dialogue with your guests to showcase your appreciation for them.  Successfully utilizing modern marketing tools is a great way to validate your guests’ experiences.  Posting relevant questions on Facebook and responding to guests’ tweets is sure to make an honest connection that will last.

5.      Give Them The Experience They Crave

Sometimes booking can be an ominous task for travelers –but it doesn’t have to be.  Make life easier for your guests by allowing them to book online through Facebook, or on their mobile device.  Providing your guests with an easy booking experience will have guests returning back to you again and again.

6.      Embrace Companion Love

Nothing says true love like complete loyalty.  Nothing is new forever, but familiarity and companionship goes a long way.  When your love falls into a quiet rhythm, it’s easy to take it for granted –but don’t!   Treasure these relationships by rewarding or harnessing the connection.  These kinds of loyal guests invest their time and energy into your hotel, so from time-to-time honor dedicated guests on Facebook or Twitter with special promotional offers.

Making any relationship last takes work, but knowing you created an exceptional experience that connected with your guests will have them coming back time and time again.  So, pop some bubbly, blast some Boyz ll Men, and create an experience that will have your guests falling in love with your hotel all over again.

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