How “The World’s Friendliest Airport Hotel” Creates an Even Friendlier Online Experience

The Airport Hotel Basel is a uniquely designed boutique hotel conveniently located minutes from Basel’s city center and bustling international airport. Their tagline, “The World’s Friendliest Airport Hotel,” is a claim that they need to live up to in the experience they provide guests at the hotel as well as online, before they book.

So how do they show online travel shoppers that they are, in fact, “The World’s Friendliest Airport Hotel?” They do it with video, photos and multi-lingual copy on thousands of sites using the VBrochure Online Merchandising System.

“Video shows the hotel in a different way than photos – it gives you a feeling of being there. We believe that is really important,” says Natascha Hediger, Executive Assistant to the Director at the Airport Hotel Basel.

Set to an upbeat jazz track, their video shows hotel guests at the hotel – conducting business, relaxing in the sauna and having a drink with friends in the lounge, with the hotel’s friendly staff seen throughout. When paired with photos of their guest rooms, restaurant, business facilities and more in their VPowered Multi-Media Player, online travel shoppers can tell that they live up to their claim to fame.

What’s even better than using video and photos to show online travel shoppers just how friendly they are? Their multi-lingual text descriptions. Being located in Switzerland, a country with different languages, and minutes from an international airport, makes marketing to travel shoppers in a number of different languages an absolute must. Adding descriptive text in two additional languages – German and French to their photos and video goes a long way when competing for bookings online.

Airport Hotel Basel

“We believe that the photos, video and multi-language descriptions that we’re getting out to thousands of sites through VBrochure are very influential on the booking decisions of our potential customers.” Using the VBrochure Facebook App, they even have their photos, video and multi-language descriptions available on Facebook!

After launching VBrochure in December 2010, they immediately saw an increase in stickiness, with their video views increasing steadily month over month. They’re confident that this steady increase in online engagement will have a positive impact on their bookings. “We chose VBrochure to create a unified, consistent online reputation and communicate our story to possible guests on OTAs and other channels.”

Friendly through and through, they offer the following advice to fellow hoteliers. “We recommend that you use video as well as photos of your facilities. Also take advantage of the multiple language option that VBrochure offers, especially if your hotel is located in a place where different languages are spoken (like here in Switzerland).”

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