How to Amplify Your Visual Story with the New Twitter Layout

Leonardo Twitter

Twitter is changing, and they want you to change with them. The most recent update is good news for visual storytelling hotel marketers!

There has been a major shift towards offering users a more visually rich and diverse online experience – Twitter is no different. They’ve recognized the value in visual storytelling, and made major changes to their users’ profile layouts to reflect just that. This trend isn’t imaginary– in fact, visual content is processed in the brain 60,000x faster than text (3M Corporation)! No wonder Twitter, known for real-time, fast-paced updates is moving toward easily digestible communication through images!

Here’s the breakdown of the five major changes and feature implementations that have taken over Twitter lately and how hotels can benefit:

Heading Up Your Hotel Profile

The new header on the profile page is larger and more visually appealing than ever, allowing you to instantly capture travel shoppers’ attention. It now covers the entire width of the webpage, allowing you more room to host a creative image. The new resolution requirement for the best visual experience is 1500×500 pixels with a maximum file size of 5 MB. The header lets page visitors know exactly what you’re all about and it leaves a lasting first impression of your brand, so choose it wisely!

Freehand Miami Twitter

The Freehand Miami chose a header that evokes a dreamy summertime feeling that consistently represents their brand

The header image has become an integral part of your Twitter profile, and it’s an expression of your hotel’s values at a glance. This is especially true when you click on your “Followers” tab, which now prominently displays a profile’s header image along with their bio and display picture.

Hotels can benefit from the new header by following in the Freehand Miami’s footsteps – upload an image that evokes the same emotions that you want guests to experience at your property. Dive straight into it, and show off your hotel’s interesting story and unique features!

Pinning Priority Tweets

Twitter also introduced the ability to “pin” any tweet to the top of your page for as long as you want. This creates an opportunity to use the pinned tweet to your advantage by:

  • Pinning an upcoming event or promotion that you want to bring attention to for a longer period of time
  • Pinning an important announcement that you want everyone to see
  • Inspiring an emotion with your audience by pinning a visually captivating tweet that inspires a sense of happiness or positivity

Leonardo Twitter

Hotels can take full advantage of the new pinning feature by pinning special offers, local events, new amenities, or images that reinforce your brand. Try to always pin a tweet with a picture since it’ll instantly draw attention when the page loads and communicates the core of your message at a glance!

Streamlining by Filtering Tweets

Another highly-demanded addition is how Twitter now allows users to filter tweets! You can choose between “Tweets,” “Tweets and replies,” and “Photos/Videos.” The default stream is on “Tweets” and it works by hiding @-reply tweets from your profile (a feature that was only available to verified accounts in the past).

Leonardo Twitter

Choosing the “Photos/Videos” tab will display your media evenly in a column, and they now include the text portion of the tweet for context. A quick scroll through this page of a user’s profile can amplify their visual story, instantly communicating their message.

Four Seasons Hotels Twitter

Just take a look at the Four Seasons Hotels “Photos/Videos” tab on Twitter. They’ve carefully chosen images to inspire excitement for visiting their hotel – plus, it looks great while scrolling through those fantastic visuals!

Pop-up Notifications

One of the most unique additions to your Twitter feed are pop-up notifications. You’ll receive a notification in the bottom right of your screen (when you have Twitter open) each time someone interacts with you through either following, mentioning, retweeting, favoriting your tweets, or sending you a direct message.

This is an interesting feature because it allows brands to respond quickly to their fans. Hotels will have the ability to interact instantly and eventually build stronger connections.

Draw Attention to Your Best Tweets

Twitter now brings more attention to the tweets that are already getting attention by bolding the text and increasing its font size. This makes your tweet feed more visually striking to fans, and it lets them focus on your most well received tweets – including any images or videos with interaction!

 Four Seasons Hotels Twitter

Now That You Understand the New Visual Twitter Layout

Take our breakdown of the five major features that the new Twitter layout introduced, and create the best possible experience you can for your guests and followers. Show travel shoppers what they’re missing by giving your profile the visual upgrade it deserves. Having a more visually driven Twitter profile will allow you to amplify your hotel’s unique story in multiple new ways, so take advantage of these changes!

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