Announcing the New Online Merchandising Best Practices Group

Today we announced the launch of our new marketing function focused on fostering best practices and educating industry professionals on online visual merchandising. Current research indicates that for every $92 spent online to acquire traffic, only $1 is spent to proactively convert this traffic. Our goal is to help hotels restore the balance.

The creation of the Online Merchandising Best Practices group came from a need for hotels to focus more of their efforts on online marketing activities that drive conversions. Darlene Rondeau is heading up the team as Vice President, Best Practices and will work with marketing and e-marketing executives at our major hotel brand clients to share best practices for creating rich visual experiences and syndicating them for display on the sites travel shoppers use when planning their trips online.

Read the full release: VFM Leonardo Launches Online Merchandising Best Practices Group

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