Are You Reaching the Multi-Channel Travel Booker?

Kudos to Tnooz and Tealeaf for the fantastic webinar last week, “Understanding the Challenges of the Multi-Channel Travel Booker.” I thought I’d share a few key lessons from the webinar that stood out to me.

Your hotel’s online presence can make or break you… in less than a second. In our fast paced, low attention span world, we lose interest quickly. Some of us quicker than others. As Graham Jones, internet psychologist shared, you just have one second to make an impact on introverts and even less than that on extroverts.

Travel shoppers tend to look at 20 different sites because their attention has not yet been grabbed. New channels are evolving fast and it needs to be a company’s priority to stay on top of online networks. Being there with targeted, compelling content will help you market your hotel to a broader audience and catch more attention and bookings.

“Doing mobile and doing it well, is no longer a ‘nice to have’ offering. It is now absolutely critical.” This quote from Geoff Galat (vice president for worldwide marketing at Tealeaf) really sums up the urgency of mobile. Having a mobile website and web app makes it easier to cross-channel market your hotel. Each channel should demonstrate the same message and have the same main features.

Creating a seamless multi-channel customer experience is critical for hotel marketers to succeed today. Staying on top of all channels and creating engaging experiences will help drive more and more traffic and conversions for your hotel. Thanks again Tnooz and Tealeaf for shedding light on this topic!

The recorded webinar is available here.

Darlene Rondeau

Vice President, Best Practices, Online Merchandising

VFM Leonardo

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