3 Components of a Balanced Hotel Marketing Meal

You know the importance of eating a balanced diet and nourishing yourself with vitamins and nutrients. Just like your body, your hotel marketing strategy needs to be sustained too; but eating right requires some planning! Make sure you’re getting your proper servings of the marketing groups in order to keep your hotel healthy online.

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The three hotel marketing groups are your hotel website, the online travel agencies and your social media accounts.

Hotel Website.
Your hotel website is comparable to the healthy entrée of your online marketing strategy.  Much like the entrée section of the menu, this section plays an integral role in your guests’ overall satisfaction.  The hotel website is your guests’ first impression of what they can expect.  Put a good taste in their mouth by keeping your website updated and current, with plenty of visuals and a compelling story.

The OTAs are the side dishes that bring variety to your marketing meal. Much like the selection of sides you can choose from at a restaurant, travel shoppers are often overwhelmed by the broad selection of OTAs available to them while researching and shopping online.  With thousands of channels out there,  focus your efforts by targeting based on who your clients are and which channels are best suited to their needs.

Social Media.
Everyone needs a dose of fun and dessert is the perfect way to finish up a great meal . Social media is the dessert of your hotel marketing meal because this is where hoteliers are able to indulge and let loose.  Being active on social media is a great way to interact with your travel shoppers in order to connect with them and build lasting relationships.

While your hotel website is the bulk of your marketing meal, your presence on OTAs and social media are what supports the core hotel website. OTAs and social media bring variety and fun in order to extend your reach and build strong customer relationships with potential hotel guests.

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