From Sea to Sky and Everything in Between – How the Beach View Hotel Brings Barbados to Life

Flying fish, sea turtles, black birds and green monkeys are just some of the vibrant wildlife that live in Barbados, making the views of the island’s stunning, palm-fringed, white sandy beaches and clear blue ocean that much more spectacular!

Located in the exclusive St James area of Barbados and just steps from the ocean, The Beach View Hotel is a family run, boutique, all-suite property ideal for families and couples to take in the sights and sounds that bring Barbados to life.

In a competitive market with plenty of oceanfront hotels all boasting spectacular beach views, The Beach View Hotel needs to show online travel shoppers that they are the best place to stay to experience all that Barbados has to offer. From sea to sky and everything in between, they leave nothing out.

Beach View Hotel

Nowadays, travelers are much more selective and tend to “shop around, from website to website” says Carrie Walcott at the Beach View Hotel. With her sights set on a way to make the Beach View stand out from other St. James area hotels online, she found VBrochure. “Offering travelers more in-depth and engaging visual information during their hotel shopping process on all the websites they visit gives us an edge over competitors.”

With the VBrochure system as part of their online marketing strategy, The Beach View Hotel gives online travel shoppers a glimpse of the gorgeous landscaping, exotic creatures, sea-life and memorable landmarks that await them in Barbados. Sea turtles, the Barbados green monkey, chattel houses in the village are all highlighted in their VPowered Multi-Media Player as must-sees at and around the Beach View Hotel.

Bright, colorful photos, vivid virtual tours and captivating copy combine to tell their story that breathtaking beach views are just the beginning at the Beach View Hotel. They reveal just enough to make online travel shoppers want to see all of the fantastic sights with their own eyes and truly live Barbados.

For example, in their “Area Attractions” tab, the photo of the flying fish is smartly labeled “The Day’s Catch” with a description that says “Just pop over the road from Beach View to the Paynes Bay Fish Market where you can buy freshly caught flying fish & try your hand at cooking it like a Bajan!”

Beach View Hotel

The ability to add engaging text to our photos and virtual tours really helps us show and tell guests what they’ll see, feel and experience during their trip before it even begins,” says Walcott.

VBrochure has really helped up their game because they’re doing such a great job of using it to tell their story. Walcott says Our online presentation across the various travel sites make us much more recognizable, familiar and dynamic than our competition and leads to higher booking conversion rates.”

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