Best Practices using Multi Media: A “Hands On” Guide for Every Hotel Marketer

Author: Darlene Rondeau

The truth is that at the core of any memorable marketing campaign is interesting and authentic storytelling.

That’s why we created this educational guide on Best Practices for Multi-Media to help you understand the role photos, virtual tours and videos play in your hotel’s marketing plan and how to implement your media using the most modern and effective techniques in the industry today.

  • Doubling a hotel’s online pictures can result in a 4.5% take-up and $3.50 higher ADR  (Tnooz)
  • Virtual Tours add more stickiness to your online presence since websites with this type of media are viewed 5-10 times longer than those without (Panomatics)
  • The Mother lode of all engagement lies with video.  60% of people prefer watching video over reading text alone (Forbes) and video increases your chance of a front page Google result by 53x (Forrester)

Also consider that when your media is combined with rich, compelling descriptions, it creates a more lasting memory, so that as consumers are shopping around, you’re always part of their consideration, perfectly poised for the time when they’ll make their booking decision.

Best Practices using Multi Media:  A Practical Guide for Every Hotel Marketer

In this guide you’ll discover:

  • The key role each media type plays
  • Quantity of media needed to tell an engaging story
  • The optimal file types for photos, virtual tours and videos
  • How to develop captions, short and long descriptions to quickly grab the consumer’s attention and make your hotel stand out from your competition
  • Handy “quick reference” guide for multi-media requirements
  • Examples of hotels doing it well

Download Leonardo’s eBook Best Practices: Multi-Media Guidelines for Hotel Marketers here!

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