On the Plus Side: How the Best Western PLUS Rockville Hotel and Suites Shows That They Offer Guests More

Located off Interstate 270, with direct access to the Washington D.C. Beltway, the Best Western PLUS Rockville Hotel and Suites boasts close proximity to Rockville Technology Corridor hotels. In a city known for being on the cutting edge of the newest products and technologies, it comes as no surprise that the Best Western Plus Rockville Hotel and Suites uses the latest innovations in online hotel marketing.

“We try to keep our hand in everything. As a company we try to stay on top of the new technologies that can assist with hotel performance. This includes SEO, OTAs, Facebook, Twitter, PPC campaigns and so on,” said Ron Wallach, Director of Sales at the property.

Their recent re-branding as a Best Western PLUS property, one of Best Western’s new descriptors means there is a new expectation level for the hotel, including upgraded amenities and requirements, and these enhancements need to be showcased to prospective guests. It’s ideal for travelers looking for great value.

“Our goal is to showcase our hotel and all the features and benefits we offer to clients, potential clients and guests,” said Wallach. “As we are a PLUS hotel, it’s still an education process for our clients and the general public regarding what that means.”

With a need to educate travel shoppers on the benefits of choosing a “PLUS” hotel and the improved experience they offer, Wallach, a strong believer that “A picture is worth a thousand words,” turned to VBrochure.

They use their VPowered Multi-Media Player as the photo gallery on their hotel’s website and Facebook page – captivatingly displaying virtual tours, floor plans and photos of the property and area attractions to online travel shoppers.

Best Western Rockville - Photo Gallery


Adding flair and personality to their media with fun, engaging descriptions and catchy headlines like “Take Us for a Spin” for their virtual tours and “Wax on! Wax off” for their photo of the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum near the hotel, they capture the online shopper’s interest – giving them that “PLUS” experience, even before they book.

Travel shoppers on Best Western’s corporate sites, OTAs and many other travel research sites get the same experience as they do on Best the property’s own channels. VFM Leonardo pushes to and offers the greatest push to OTAs so choosing them made sense,” said Wallach.

Attributing their immediate increase in interest among online travel shoppers across the board to VBrochure, Wallach explains one of the product’s many plusses.

“Hotels can control the content in-house using the web-based media manager, allowing changes to be made to their VPowered Multi-Media Player as soon as they occur at the property such as renovations or the addition of a new facility or area attraction,” said Wallach.

When asked what advice he would give his peers who want to show travel shoppers the plus sides of booking with them, Wallach suggested, “Map out what you want before adding images. Write copy and decide order of images. Once you know you have the right flow…it’s just an easy cut and paste. Also, when showcasing attractions, show how it’s a benefit to your hotel – either by location, easy to get to and so on.”

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