Blog Recap: Best of January

Welcome to Leonardo’s first monthly blog recap. To keep you in the loop, each month we’ll be rounding up the best articles and posts so you’ll never miss a thing.

January was an exciting month for hotel marketers. We predicted new travel trends for 2015, which means new ways to breathe life into your digital strategy.

This month we focused our attention on content marketing. Covering everything from distribution, optimization and choosing the right platform, we detailed how to make content marketing work for your property. Get up to speed on all the stories we shared in January and amplify your hotel’s content strategy.

1. A Rejuvenation In Content Marketing: 4 Ways To Refresh Your Strategy

One of the biggest challenges hotel marketers will face is knowing how to connect with travel shoppers without being repetitive. To stay relevant and original online, we examined how to build and execute an interactive marketing campaign. Read on and learn how hotel marketers can sell an experience and not just rooms.

2. Webinar Highlights: How To Deal With Your Hotel’s Digital Marketing Challenges

All the content you produce needs to be distributed across multiple platforms and managed efficiently. In this edition of webinar highlights, Darlene Rondeau and her expert speakers show hotel marketers how to showcase their property consistently on every platform – your hotel website, mobile sites, social media and third-party travel websites.

3. Everything You Wanted To Know About Instagram, Snapchat & Vine

It’s not enough to just tweet and post on Facebook. Short, snackable videos are now an important part of every digital strategy. To better engage with millennials, we broke down how to utilize these video platforms to the highest degree. Young travel shoppers want to be entertained and hotel marketers must give them the content they want.

4. Superstar Storyteller: Crowne Plaza Greenville

Nestled in South Carolina, the Crown Plaza Greenville was this month’s Superstar Storyteller. Using multimedia and Facebook, this property delivers an engaging visual story to travel shoppers.

5. Why Content Is King And Changing The Game For Hotel Marketers

Is traditional advertising dead? Not yet, but millennial travel shoppers are increasing the demand for content that’s clever, tech savvy and conveys an experience.


6. How To Sell Content Marketing To Your GM: Part 2 Of 4 

Not everyone is sold on content marketing. In part two of this blog series, Darlene Rondeau explains why so many General Managers are skeptical about content marketing. To help you get buy-in for this powerful marketing phenomenon, she gives you five easy ways to explain the value of content marketing to your GM.

So that was January. What kind of topics do you want to read about in 2015? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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