Blog Recap: Best of July

This is the July edition of Leonardo’s monthly blog recap. To keep you in the loop and on top of the latest hospitality marketing news, each month we’ll be rounding up the best articles and posts so you’ll never miss a thing.

There’s no question that having a compelling website can drive bookings – but when I hear stories from hospitality marketers at properties like J House Greenwich say that showcasing what your property has to offer on a visually-driven website can even increase ADR (because you’re now offering travel shoppers a better product, and they’ll pay more for this anticipated experience), it truly shows that a compelling website isn’t a nice-to-have but a must-have.

That’s why we devoted this month to web marketing – so you can know the best practices to create that visually-driven website that entices travel shoppers to book.

On our blog this month, we addressed some FAQs about web marketing such as how do I stand out online? What type of content do I feature on my website? How do I keep content updated and fresh, drive traffic to my site and in return, drive those direct bookings?

If these questions sound familiar to you, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out the top web marketing blogs and resources that your peers loved this month.

Your Biggest Web Marketing Challenges And How to Solve Them: Part 1 of 3
Let’s face it, unless you’re a tech wizard then not everything surrounding technology will be second-nature, especially web marketing. In this article we’ve listed some of the biggest web marketing challenges – and how to solve them.

The ABCs of Hospitality Web Marketing: Part 2 of 3
Lost in the jungle of digital marketing terms? We can help! This article contains a comprehensive list of hospitality terms. It also contains the answers to common questions & will help clarify some terms & concepts, whether you’re new to the industry or not.

The Top 10 Recommended Resources for Effective Web Marketing: Part 3 of 3  
You’ve got the property, you’ve got the website and maybe you’ve even got the mobile website. But… what’s next? It’s difficult to know where to begin, but we can help. This article contains a list of resources that can help jumpstart you into the next level of web marketing.

Webinar: How A Rich and Engaging Mobile Website Drives Bookings
In our latest webinar, we discussed how mobile optimization isn’t a luxury but a necessity. In fact, only 23% of leisure travelers who encountered a poor mobile site actually continued through to make a booking—that’s 77% of guests leaving your site if you’re not optimized for mobile. Our guest speakers Robert Cole, founder of RockCheetah and Bernard Augustin, Assistant General Manager at the JHouse Greenwich share great mobile statistics, and the importance of switching to a visual-driven and mobile optimized website.

Video: How Leonardo’s 2015 Hospitality Marketing Predictions have Shaped Up
Does your property understand and keep up with the most important hospitality marketing trends? In this video, we asked our team which trends have impacted 2015 the most and what we can expect for the rest of the year.

How the DoubleTree Lancaster Tripled Direct Booking Requests With a Visually- Compelling Website
Your hotel doesn’t have to be a beachside resort or located next to a famous landmark to attract travelers worldwide. Sometimes, it all comes down to telling an authentic story and having the right tools to get that story in front of as many travel shoppers as possible. This article outlines how DoubleTree Lancaster tripled direct bookings requests by showcasing their property with a visual-first website.

Those have been the most important resources you missed in July. What kind of topics do you want to read about next month? Leave a comment and let us know.

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