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Frommer’s is now part of the VNetwork™!
Frommer's LogoWith over 50 years of providing authoritative and innovative travel recommendations, Frommer’s is firmly established as the most trusted name in travel. leverages top-notch content and brand recognition to create a comprehensive, dynamic, multimedia experience meeting every traveler’s needs. is the ultimate source for up-to-date travel information and planning tools for all ages and budgets.


  • Inspires people to travel
  • Gives the tools necessary to plan a memorable trip
  • Accompanies and advises people as they travel
  • Provides a forum for travelers to share experiences
  • Is the one stop shop for reaching  a targeted  travel  audience – via print, mobile, online, and downloadable content and products

Why should you have your content on
Frommer’s is firmly established as the most dependable name in travel today. Their users are in the mindset to buy, as nearly 90% are planning a trip and/or making travel-related purchase decisions when they visit, providing an ideal place to deliver your message to active travellers.

Unlike OTAs that base their business models on bookings, is a media website that has established itself as a trusted source for travel information that influences decisions.  On average, delivers over 15 million page views per month. What makes it even better is the fact that these millions of viewers are highly engaged with the content they find on, so much so that that the average visitor consumes multiple pages per visit.

Who visits attracts global visitors, with the largest percentages coming from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The average site visitor is between 25 and 54 with an annual household income of over $75,000. The majority of users take two or more vacations per year that average over 5 days in length per trip.

How is the VBrochure Multimedia Viewer displayed on
Frommer’s lists thousands of hotels on the site, all of which have their visual content displayed in the VPowered Multimedia Viewer.The VPowered Multimedia Viewer is embedded in the Photos & Video tab for hotels that are in VFM Leonardo’s database AND have a review by a Frommer’s author posted on the site. Updates to the VBrochure Multimedia Viewer made in VScape are real-time on Frommer’s.

VPowered Multimedia Viewer on

Not listed on Frommer’s?
If you would like to submit your hotel for review, simply go to this “Contact Us” form to get started. Please include “Request for Review” in the subject line and all pertinent information–hotel name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address, Web site, the name of a contact person and anything else important–in the comment box. When a hotel has been reviewed, it is listed on Frommer’s and the VBrochure Multimedia Viewer will be embedded in the listing.

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