Channel Spotlight: WorldChoiceTravel

WorldChoiceTravelWorld Choice Travel, a division of the Travelocity Partner Network, is the industry leader in offering scalable, private-label travel solutions for the creation of comprehensive online travel portals. WCT’s partners include airlines, hoteliers, convention and visitor bureaus, online publishers and other highly successful online travel marketers.

Why should you have your content on WorldChoiceTravel?

WorldChoiceTravel enables content distribution to a hundreds of members in its affiliate network. Leveraging its travel platform, it powers a large number of targeted travels sites.   VFM Leonardo customers should seek to distribute their content on as many relevant sites as possible and WCT enables them to expand syndication through its network. Travel shoppers are viewing content on WorldChoiceTravel affiliate sites. In fact, we track hits from over 300 different WorldChoiceTravel affiliate sites on a weekly basis.

How is the VBrochure Multimedia Viewer displayed on WorldChoiceTravel?

WCT’s partners present visual content in the VPowered Multimedia Viewer drawn from hotels that are in VFM Leonardo’s database.  Updates to the VBrochure Multimedia Viewer made in VScape are automatically distributed to these sites.


How do I get listed on WorldChoiceTravel’s sites?

Hotels currently listed on WCT are sourced from a number of different channels including GHE,, HotelBeds, Sabre, and Pegasus. If your hotel is not currently listed on WCT and you wish to be listed please contact your Travelocity Destination Manager.

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