Charlton’s Cedar Court: A HotSpot for Mountain Hospitality and Online Merchandising

How Gabor Fenyves, Director of Sales has achieved Merchandising Hero status by turning up the heat on the Charlton Cedar Court’s online presence.

Charlton's Cedar CourtStep into Charlton’s Cedar Court and be whisked into a world of classic alpine-style relaxation. Located in Banff, Alberta, Charlton’s is a hotspot for travelers year round – from the hot and sunny summer to the chilly winter months. Just a short walk from downtown, this 3.5 star property offers a unique selection of accommodations including family-friendly kitchenette suites, and romantic loft suites with fireplaces and of course, their own special brand of mountain grown hospitality.

Director of Sales, Gabor Fenyves, received his training at the prestigious Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland in Hospitality Management, and has held esteemed positions in the hotel industry for over ten years.  As the evolution of online marketing has grown, Fenyves has recognized the direct link between a strong visual online presence and customer bookings.

Fenyves’ team keeps a close connection with their customer base using social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook and managing TripAdvisor reviews. When Fenyves learned about VBrochure, he immediately understood how the system could take their online presence to the next level.

Charlton’s Cedar Court has capitalized on VBrochure’s HotSpot feature, which allows hoteliers to link multiple images within the VBrochure Player creating a zoom-like viewing experience for travel shoppers. Fenyves inventively used HotSpots to display detailed floor plans of his hotels two level loft suites, kitchenette suites, and deluxe rooms.

The use of HotSpots makes the floor plans interactive, and gives travel shoppers a detailed understanding of the suites his hotel has to offer. By clicking on each room shown in a particular floor plan, potential customers are able to view high-resolution pictures and virtual tours of the space.
Charlton's Cedar Court HotSpot
The HotSpot feature is one of many that have captured Fenyves interest in VBrochure.  He is impressed with the time efficient and user-friendly aspect of the entire VBrochure system.

“It’s a unique system…a dynamic tool where you can showcase your hotel better than just having a photo library.  Match the text with the photos and link the rich media.  Almost like a mini website… and it’s very simple and straightforward to use. Simply login and manage the text and drag and drop the images.”

Fenyves says that “Looking at the stats and how many times consumers are viewing our player, I think VBrochure is having a huge impact because people do look at it and spend time on it.”

Currently, Fenyves’ team uses the VBrochure link on their email signatures so those who inquire about the property can view their hotel images and corresponding descriptions immediately. A link to VBrochure can also be found on the homepage of their property website and thousands of online travel websites in VFM Leonardo’s VNetwork, reaching consumer wherever they find the Charlton Cedar Court’s listings from social media to corporate travel sites and everything in between.

“Our goal is to continuously enhance our online presence and have our website and VBrochure work together to expand further out into the market.  One of the greatest features of VBrochure is the syndication to the other OTA sources in a clear, consistent format. It is really helping us stand out from the crowd.”

With VBrochure, Fenyves is making the Charlton Cedar Court an even hotter competitor in their market!

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