What to Look for in a Content Distribution Vendor

In the online world, content is the new advertising and visual content is the new conversion advertising. Studies have shown that hotels that provide rich visual experiences to travel shoppers enjoy higher sales conversion ratios.1

In today’s crowded online marketplace, hotels are facing increased pressure to produce greater results from online marketing activities. Merchandising your hotel with rich media (video and virtual tours) is one way to achieve greater conversions, online and offline.

VFM Leonardo VNetwork Distribution Snapshot



There are a number of companies that claim they can get your media on the channels that matter. But, the truth is, VFM Leonardo has by far the largest distribution network and the most exclusive partnerships with the biggest channels.

VFM Leonardo has the largest distribution network. So what?

Hotels that subscribe to VBrochure not only benefit from how their visual content is viewed (using the most advanced and feature rich multimedia viewer in the industry) but how often their media is viewed. The hotel media we distribute gets viewed.

– In 2009, hotel rich media distributed by VFM Leonardo through our multi-media viewer2 received over 78 million views across the network.
– On average, a customer’s Multimedia Viewer is launched 150 times per month across the network.
– Every time the viewer is launched the travel shopper views approximately 4 media items
– Over the course of one month, the average customer gets approximately 600 media views
– In March 2010, our top 10 channels in terms of media views were:
1. TripAdvisor
2. ARES3
4. Priceline
5. EazyREZ4
6. Orbitz
7. Yahoo!
8. World Choice Travel5
9. Travelocity Generic Partners
10. Galileo Hotel Images

Don’t risk making the wrong choice.  Here’s what you need to look for in a visual content distribution vendor:
– They distribute directly to a significant number of channels
– They distribute to the Global Distribution Systems and major travel intermediaries
– Their network covers a wide range of channels globally
– Their customers can control which channels their media is distributed to
– They are trusted media distribution vendors for major global hotel chains, brands and representation companies

If you want to better understand why VFM Leonardo is the best choice…

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1. VFM Leonardo, Report on Results of Consumer Hotel Rich Media Viewing & Booking Conversion Study, April 2008. Consumers who view virtual tours have a 67% higher conversion ratio; consumers how view video have an 89% higher conversion ratio; consumers who view both virtual tours and video have a 115% higher conversion ratio.

2. We distribute rich visual content both in our Multimedia Viewer and as media items.These numbers are for channels that support the viewer. Expedia, for example takes content from VFM Leonardo but not in the viewer.

3. ARES (Advanced Reservation Systems) represents over 60 channels including SixFlags, Legoland, Universal Studios and a number of destination sites.

4. EazyREZ represents a number of websites including JetBlue, AirAsiaGo, United, Delta and AA Vacations.

5. World Choice Travel represents over 100 channels including,, and

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