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Clever Ideas to Make Your Hotel Website Stand Out

At Leonardo, we work with properties day in, day out, to improve their digital marketing. One of the many things we do is help accommodation providers build a great hotel website that drives more direct bookings. We’ve seen thousands of new Vizlly-powered websites go live, and with them, some truly creative ideas to make a website stand out! We wanted to share some of these examples with you, to help serve as inspiration for your own hotel website.

Can you “borrow” any of these ideas to make your website more memorable as travel shoppers move through the travel shopping journey?

Hilton Garden in Yuma Pivot Point

Most properties offer more than just a place to sleep. The Hilton Garden in Yuma Pivot Point has recognized this and the potential of its Event and Conference spaces. In fact, they’ve made it the focus of their website.

Pivot Point Yuma


It’s a smart move that allows Hilton Garden to be more targeted with their segmentation. By focusing on their event and conference spaces, they are no longer competing with other hotels in the area just to sell rooms. Instead, they are targeting people or businesses looking to host an event, reaping in more ancillary revenue, while still being able to sell rooms to attendees.

Including floor plans on their website for their event spaces allows visitors to quickly determine if a space is adequate for their needs. And by featuring photos of how each space can be configured and decorated, web visitors can better imagine how their own event may look at this property.

Pivot Point Yuma event floorplan

Hotel Noir

Hotel Noir in Prague uses beautiful visuals on its homepage that really sell the local destination. This helps travel shoppers imagine the kind of experience they can expect in this historical city, and while staying at this luxurious property.

We particularly like the chat widget embedded on their homepage. From the moment a visitor lands on their website, they are able to communicate with someone at the property. A virtual front-desk, if you will. This level of service makes for a great first impression, and sets the standard for what kind of service can be expected on-property as well.

hotel noir homepage

Of course, a chat widget is only recommended if your property has someone to manage it 24/7.

Hotel Restaurants

One of the biggest trends we’re seeing is properties showcasing their on-site restaurants in more prominent ways on their website. This allows them to target local residents as well as hotel guests, to drive more ancillary revenue. Here are 3 properties in particular we think are doing a great job:

Café Stubel

Café Stubel is the on-site café of Stubel Suites & Café in Ecuador. The café itself is featured on their homepage, its own standalone page, and has a dedicated gallery under Photos. Website visitors can see beautiful images of their dishes, the café’s layout, and sweeping views of the Oriental Valley it overlooks.

Clever Ideas to Make Your Hotel Website Stand Out

Press Box Pub

Atrium Inn in Vancouver highlights the casual dining experience of their on-site restaurant, the Press Box Pub. Featuring daily drink specials, karaoke nights, and photos off their dining space and delicious food, the Atrium Inn has a winning recipe for driving local visitors to their property.

Holiday Inn St John’s

The Holiday Inn in St. John’s, Newfoundland is an example of a hotel chain that’s taken a unique approach to differentiating itself. It has an East Side Mario’s Italian restaurant located on-site, as well as Costello’s Lounge. We love the choice that’s on offer and the 360⁰ virtual tours for both restaurants.

Heart of the Village

The Heart of the Village Inn knows the importance of re-marketing, and has incorporated a clever new email subscription function to their website.

Clever Ideas to Make Your Hotel Website Stand Out

This allows them to re-engage website visitors as they move through the travel shopping journey (perhaps with enticing special offers), and encourages repeat business/loyalty by keeping subscribers in the loop about their property and local events. By capturing email data on their website, The Heart of the Village Inn is able increase their own direct marketing initiatives and reduce their reliance on OTAs.

Looking for more inspiration for your hotel website?

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