Content Marketing 101: What You Missed & What You Should Know

Don’t wait for an opportunity. Create it. As the hospitality industry evolves and new technology simplifies the buying process, hoteliers must embrace new methods in order to engage travel shoppers.

Content marketing is not a sales pitch, but rather a way to connect with potential guests and promote your hotel’s experience. An ongoing and collaborative effort, valuable content is viewed, shared and leads to the path of purchase.

Our most recent webinar was a beginner’s guide to the power of content marketing. Featuring Adele Gutman, VP Sales, Marketing & Revenue at Library Hotel Collection and Clementine Amiraux, Creative Director at Hotel Josef and Maximilian Hotel, we outlined how the right kind of content can inspire travel shoppers and increase bookings.

Want to learn even more about content marketing? Check out the full recording and slide presentation here.

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