Content: The New Advertising and Key to Conversion

Internet users are bombarded with thousands of advertisements and have billions of choices on what they view and don’t view – many ignore blatant ads because they are looking for a specific piece of information.

Content is the new advertising.

Any content you have out on the Internet for your hotel (be it visual or written) is advertising your hotel, whether on purpose or not. You can’t think of ads in traditional terms and separate of your overall marketing. If you want anyone to pay attention to your hotel your content (which is advertising your hotel,) needs to be compelling and engaging.

online travel content advertisingVisual content as a conversion tool.

As hospitality marketing expert Tom O’Rourke puts it, travel shoppers “want to visualize their destination… [They want to] understand what ‘the real deal’ is.”1 This is why visual content is particularly effective for advertising hotels online and increasing look-to-book conversions.

If content is the new advertising, what does your advertising say about your hotel?

By understanding and implementing the fundamentals of online hotel merchandising, hoteliers can leverage the Internet as a cost effective sales and marketing channel by capturing shoppers’ attention and motivating them to book.

This article, by Paolo Boni, President and CEO of VFM Leonardo explores six simple ways you can use online merchandising to your advantage.

Download the article – Online Merchandising: What is it and How Can You Use it to Your Advantage? 

1. Interview with John McAuliffe of VFM Leonardo, VTV,

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