Nothing “Muy Modesto” about this Hotel’s Online E-Business Success – Holiday Inn Express & Suites Modesto

The Holiday Inn Express & Suites is located in Modesto, California, a vibrant city located in activity-rich Stanislaus County. The hotel includes spacious guest rooms and suites along with a wide range of onsite hotel services for both business travelers and family vacationers.

Their online presence is the opposite of modest.
And rightfully so. They have plenty to brag about – they have won an IHG Quality Excellence Award, are ranked as one of the Top 10% of all Holiday Inn Express Hotels in the entire nation and are leaders of their market.

It’s not surprising that they want to show the hotel off.
Their VBrochure highlights the hotel’s features, awards and what travelers can expect during their stay in a concise and captivating way with variety of rich media, photos and creative and catchy text descriptions.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Modesto
A second website that shows our hotel.
When we asked Rupesh Patel, the Vice President of Central Valley Hotels why he chose the VBrochure system for the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Modesto, he told us “I like the way that it complements our sales efforts when it comes to acquiring new accounts. It’s basically a second website that shows our hotel in a glimpse. It helps us show potential corporate clients just how luxurious our hotel is.”

A great way to display video.
They also find VBrochure a great way to display video. Following visual merchandising best practices, they have a button that links to their VPowered Multi-Media Viewer right on their homepage.

“Video shows just how elegant the hotel is. Anybody that I show the video to is blown away that a mid-scale property has such a platform that shows a video, 360 degree tours and everything in one single box,” said Patel
Video on other sites that travelers and agents visit while planning trips.
Being an experienced hotel marketer, Patel also realizes the value of having their video on display on other sites that travelers and agents visit while planning trips.

Patel explained that It’s very beneficial is to be distributed to the GDSs. In my market, GDS business is very big, so viewing our 360 tours and videos gives agents a better idea of what the hotel is all about. When they see the rich-media, they are drawn closer to the hotel and become more confident in booking our hotel.”

Growing demand for rich media, especially video.

But what really inspired Patel to get VBrochure was the growing demand for rich media, especially video. “Online shoppers are shopping more than ever.  If there’s anything about a hotel’s online display that gives the consumer a comfortable experience in reserving a room,  its videos and 360 degree tours.”

He has seen firsthand just how much of a demand there is for rich media. In 2010, their virtual tour views grew 73% and their video views grew 60% while their photo views only grew 30%. Patel knows exactly why this is.

Consumers see exactly what it is that they’re booking, and it pays off.
Since they subscribed to VBrochure and started syndicating rich media “There’s nothing hidden about our hotel, consumers see exactly what it is that they’re booking. Rich media – video, 360 tours, and pictures – they get all three, which is pretty much the best thing besides actually going to the hotel.”

He recommends to hoteliers: “Keep up with technology that’s available to you, such as VBrochure. All potential clients will notice and it makes them more confident to book.”

And goes on to say, “A guests overall hotel experience begins online when they reserve their room. Enabling them to view videos and virtual tours online creates a completely comfortable environment for them from the very beginning.”

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