The Essentials of Excellent Hotel Videos – Part 2

The Essentials of Excellent Hotel Videos offered three great examples of authentic, relevant and available hotel videos. Travel shoppers have short attention spans, want to be entertained and informed and are “liking” and sharing great videos online more and more. So length, content and shareability are also important!

Casa Dorada Los Cabos

Online shoppers have short attention spans. So you have to put considerable effort and thought into what story you want to tell and how. Short videos also force you to think creatively and distill your value proposition down to its very essence.

The Casa Dorada Resort & Spa in Los Cabos needs just half a minute to convince travel shoppers that they are “The Perfect Place for The Perfect Moment.” Check out their video.

Crowne Plaza Tysons Corner Ideation RoomContent
Good information is no longer enough. With thousands of sites providing similar services, your online video has to stand out from the competition. Entertainment goes hand-in-hand with engagement. Video must deliver content in a format that interests and excites users. This is why a story is so important and why just walking around the hotel with a video camera is not enough.

Crowne Plaza Tyson’s Corner does an interesting job of contrasting its “Ideation Room” for business meetings with the typical hotel “Bored Room”. Clever story telling gets the point across. Watch the video.

The Broadmoor FacebookShareability
YouTube taught everyone that video is portable and starts conversations between friends. Videos that don’t meet this new expectation limit their own effectiveness. Sharing is an easy action that viewers can take to promote your business. By enabling conversations to spread, you’re giving yourself an easy opportunity to gain viewership. To promote sharing, make sure your video can be embedded, emailed and posted to the different social media sites.

Take a look at how the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs has distributed its videos on the social networking site Facebook.

Also ensure your video is being syndicated to both traditional travel web site and social and video sharing sites. To book a vacation online, the average person spends 29 days doing 12 searches and visits 22 different travel sites.* Syndicating your video to as many website as possible is critical to your success.

Video need not be expensive.
These days, you can produce persuasive video in a way that both matches your objectives and is matched to your budget. While the Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside Hotel produced its compelling video tour for just over $10,000, the Beverly Heritage Hotel produced an impressive video of its own for less than $1,000. Still other hotels — such as the Vero Beach Hotel & Spa — can produce enticing photo slide shows for about one hundred dollars.

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*Study by Google, 2009

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