Five Quick Tips to Get the Most Out Of Your Hotel’s Facebook Page

The way hotel marketers communicate with travel shoppers has shifted over the last few years. Social media has slowly become a priceless tool for connecting both with guests and prospective guests. Recognizing this trend over the last five years, marketers have begun to spend more funds on social media marketing than on search, email, and other traditional methods. Almost 75% of American travelers have a Facebook profile, and one third of them referenced social media as the origin point of their travel journey( It has never been more important for a hotel to maintain an active Facebook profile and engage with travelers.


Facebook pages are key to a business’s online presence. The page acts as a hub for a business to introduce themselves to an audience and share information that engages them. Hotel marketers can post photos and videos to help tell their stories and illustrate their ideas. The main purpose of the page is to create and maintain bonds with current customers and help build new relationships.

Here are five tips to get the most out of your hotel’s Facebook Page.

1. Engage travel shoppers with eye-catching content. Facebook users spend approximately 40% of their time reading their news feed. If you want to reach your customers effectively, be sure to leave a lasting impression with every post. Photo albums, pictures and videos generate 180%, 120% and 100% more engagement respectively ( Hotel marketers can use Facebook to share photos of hotel amenities, guests enjoying their stay, and other moments showcasing the great atmosphere of their establishments. Engaging posts should instill the desire in consumers to share the content and their opinions with their social circle. When users share your posts it expands your reach and audience.

2. Keep content relevant. Facebook posts should contain useful information, but should also be concise. Lengthy posts receive significantly less traffic in comparison to more concise ones. Status updates between 100 and 250 characters generate 60% more likes than longer posts ( Hotel marketers should remember to keep posts succinct and easy for users to read.

3. Utilize Facebook Apps. Facebook allows page administrators to install applications on their page. This feature can be used to your hotel’s advantage by continuing to share your story on the social platform.  Use apps to display virtual tours, amenities, special offers and more! It’s important to effectively implement any relevant application to further engage audiences on your page.

4. Hold promotions and special offers.  Consumers often connect with brands to receive offers and discounts on the products they enjoy. You can meet this need by utilizing a special offers Facebook app. The Executive Inn at Woodbury uses their Facebook page to showcase special offers like the Fun with the Family Package which offers details about a special package for travelers. To keep consumers active on your page, be sure to regularly offer incentives to those who are frequently active.
special offers

5. Always be on. In a global world, people are using social media in different time zones and on a constant basis. To run an engaging Facebook page, content and conversation need to be flowing constantly. Amplifying your messages frequently helps keep your page relevant and effective. Best practices suggest that hotel’s should post 3 to 5 times per week.

Facebook is the ideal network for hotel marketers to engage their targeted audiences. Travel shoppers are constantly seeking inspiration for their next destination through engaging posts in their news feed. Fresh, timely, and captivating content can help hotel marketers influence travel shoppers destination desires!

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