Get In The Know About SoMo

What happens when you combine a fusion of social media and mobile devices? You get the new hotel marketing powerhouse aptly dubbed SoMo, which has created the opportunity to bring your hotel’s story to life through compelling content and vibrant visuals.

SoMo is generally defined as photos and videos taken on mobile devices and then subsequently shared through social media vehicles. The statistics alone from our latest infographic can attest to this sentiment.

Consider this:

• Instagram users have shared more than 20 billion photos to date
• 80% of all Facebook usage comes from a mobile phone
• 71% of consumers tweet about their holiday while away.


These metrics alone prove that SoMo is rapidly building into a force to be reckoned with throughout all stages of the travel journey.
SoMo makes digital marketing easier and also applies a great deal of ease on your budget.

By leveraging the dynamic duo of SoMo, you can communicate your hotel story in a fresh and authentic way, reach and engage with a wider online travel consumer base while sprinkling your hotel’s personality over your curated content.

Find out more about how consumers are using SoMo by downloading our infographic.

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