Get on Base with a Rich Visual Experience

See How MMI Hotel Group’s Cabot Lodge – Jackson North Hotel Does It

“Today, the hotel business, like so many industries, relies heavily on the message that is being presented online. There are stats about the stats about the stats on folks who use the Internet and social media in general to make hospitality related decisions. It’s undeniable,” says Micajah Sturdivant, Vice President – Hotel Services, MMI Hotel Group.

As one of MMI Hotel Group’s properties, the Cabot Lodge – Jackson North has a comprehensive online marketing strategy. What has been a game changer for all of MMI’s properties are the rich visual experiences they give travel shoppers online.

Their Visual Experience is Undefeated.
Consumers can experience the Cabot Lodge – Jackson North online through video and still images packaged in an interactive, easy to access, VPowered Multi-Media Viewer. Cabot Lodge – Jackson North’s visual experience is undefeated in its league. It’s the only hotel within a five mile radius that is syndicating video in an easily accessible, widely available format – leaving its competitors on the sidelines. The same is true for two other MMI Hotel Group properties as well (Cabot Lodge Millsaps and Crowne Plaza Jacksonville Airport).

“In an age of instant gratification, today’s consumer expects to experience a hotel stay before ever stepping on property. This experience has helped put our hotels on the map and in the game,” says Sturdivant.

Online Merchandising has Become a Key Player.
It’s easy for visitors to the property’s website ( to find and view their video tour in one click. There’s a link to their VPowered Mult-Media Viewer in their website navigation – making it available on every single page.

Cabot Lodge - Jackson North

Since travel shoppers are using all kinds of different sites to research hotels, the Cabot Lodge – Jackson North makes sure their hotel videos are available on as many channels as possible from traditional travel sites to social media sites.

Travel shoppers who view rich media (video and virtual tours) are more likely to book than those who only view photos. So when this hotel is up to bat for bookings, the odds of getting on base (or on the consumer’s short list) is higher.

They’re Not Just on Base, They’re Winning the Game.
“VFM Leonardo is our primary partner in making sure that the content on our offerings is correct and is syndicated to as many channels as possible – both traditional and non-traditional travel channels. They provide us the reach that we yearn for with leading content and brings a hotel to a decision-maker’s desk,”
says Sturdivant.

Every staff member is part of their sales team and is driven to win. As such, all employees link to their Multi-Media viewer from their email signatures. Additionally, all electronic sales collateral (website, online brochures, email blasts, etc.) include links to their VPowered Multi-Media Viewer. It’s well on its way to becoming one of their most valuable players.

“VBrochure has provided so much more than just bookings. It works as a sales team member that never sleeps. Awareness in our communities has also risen as a result. The value is truly remarkable.”

MMI Hotel Group subscribes to VBrochure Ultra Premium which enables them to display their media in a customized Multimedia Viewer on thousands of traditional and social media channels. Learn more about VBrochure.

Learn how VFM Leonardo’s VBrochure Online Merchandising System can help you get in the game. Contact us for a personal one-on-one webinar with an online merchandising sales consultant.

*According to the Merchandising Health Index.

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