“Get Social” Webinar Questions Get Answered

Answers to your social media questions

We received so many great questions from attendees of our “Get Social” webinar; we were unable to answer all of them live. To make sure we cover as many as possible, I’ve answered the top questions in this post.

How many social sites should I be on?

A) There is no magic number. But instead of spreading yourself too thin, it’s much better to pick a few networks that you’ll receive the most traffic and engagement on and execute them really well. Since hotels have so many great stories to share and travelers are visually driven, consider focusing on social networks that are based on sharing visuals like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and so on.

How do you recommend we manage photography rights when posting candid photos of guests on social channels?

A) It is important to consider that people may be sensitive when it comes to their privacy. Since the idea behind Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest is to share other people’s content, make sure that the person or group of people are comfortable with their picture being shared before you post it. To make sure you have your bases covered, it is a good idea to have guests sign a release form. Follow this basic rule: don’t share unless you asked permission and are giving credit.

What’s the best way to track how guests are interacting with our photos and videos online?

A) It is important to track your media views to get an idea of where the most traffic is coming from and what your target audience is most interested in. This information can tell you what you’re doing right and how you need to adjust your strategy. If you work with a media syndication company, be sure to leverage their media tracking and reporting tools. There are also social media monitoring tools like Hootsuite that allow you to easily follow how many comments, tweets and likes your content generates.

We have a management company and all of our hotels are within 30 minutes of each other.  Do we need a Facebook page for each hotel?

A) Even if the hotels are in the same area, having one page for each hotel will make each hotel’s individual story and value proposition clear. It will also make the hotel shopping experience more convenient because travelers are able to see the information for the specific property they are interested in or may be loyal to.

Another benefit to having a page for each hotel is that you can use an app that makes it easy for travel shoppers to book without having to leave your page. This is perfect because you are able to capture the guest’s attention and entice them to book that specific property while you have their interest and attention.

How do you find the time to manage social networks?

A) Managing social media networks can be time consuming but there are tools that can help you simplify the process of posting and monitoring, such as TweetDeck, Hootsuite, Engagio, AgoraPulse and Pingraphy. Many of these tools are free or offer free trials. Invest the time in planning your posts in advance (e.g. a month at a time) and schedule them to go live on specific dates. That way the posting aspect is automated, and all you have to do is monitor and respond on regular basis. You can also encourage user generated content to bring more engagement to your hotel’s page and keep a conversation going.

To learn more about how VFM Leonardo can help you with your social media marketing needs, contact us and one of our online merchandising consultants will be happy to set-up a meeting with you.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our event and for asking great questions. I hope to see you for our next webinar – Marketing to Business Travelers: Art & Science of Visual Storytelling.

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