Get Started on Your Visually-Driven Website: Part 1 of 5

The web has changed in the past ten years from being mostly text-based to now predominantly featuring rich visuals and engaging media content – consider the visual redesigns of websites like Intercontinental Hotel Group, Red Roof Inn, Yahoo Travel, and

Visual content has affected many industries where rich visuals win over the customers, as 93% of people consider visuals the most influential factor to their purchasing decision. Many hotels have already moved to visual-first websites to attract and engage travel shoppers online.

If your hotel hasn’t made the shift to a visually-driven website, you may be a step behind the competition.

The Effects of Visual Storytelling

Having a visual story displayed online is paramount in today’s day and age. People love visuals and it comes as no surprise that 47% have shared photos, videos or other visual content that they found and liked from other websites online.

Images alone are not the only marketing tool that can turn your website lookers into bookers. Videos are an extremely powerful visual tool as 45% of leisure travelers, 72% of business travelers and 74% of affluent travelers were prompted to book after watching an online video while planning travel. Visuals of all calibers can affect a travel shopper’s impression immensely, as they help display rich and enticing stories that captivate their travel dreams.

Not sure where to start? We’ve been talking about the shift towards visually-driven websites for some time now, and we’ve compiled a few resources we think will help you get familiar with this topic and get started bringing your hotel website to the next level:

  1. How and Why You Should Create a Visual Website
    This blog post discusses the reasons behind building a visual-first website and how to do it with great hotel examples.
  2. How Video Can Amplify Your Hotel’s Story and Increase Bookings
    Video is a powerful phenomenon that is exploding all over the web. Learn how you can use it to enhance your hotel’s story online.
  3. 3 Things Travel Shoppers Want to See on Your Hotel Website
    Most leisure travelers actually make their final decision to book by visiting a hotel’s website. If your hotel isn’t driving direct bookings, make sure your website has these three key features.
  4. Creating Visually Compelling Website Experiences: A Scorecard for Hotel Marketers
    Not sure where your hotel website stands? This helpful scorecard for hoteliers will help you understand the elements travel shoppers crave online, the must-have features for hotel websites and how your hotel website measures up.
  5. Your Most Asked Question, Answered: How Do I Figure Out What My Hotel Story Is?
    In this blog, digital marketing expert Monica Rafter explains how a hotel can easily figure out what their story is and how to use it to their advantage.

This blog post is the first in a series of five blog posts about creating an effective web marketing strategy to reach and engage travel shoppers online with a successful hotel website. Check out Part 2: Hotel Website Do’s and Don’ts

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