Getting Emotional Can Be a Good Thing in Marketing

Visually storytelling is a key ingredient in any hotel’s marketing mix.  Photos are powerful, but if the image doesn’t resonate with the consumer, the message becomes meaningless.

Social media has changed the marketing game at record speed in terms of content.  Consumers are no longer willing to read long drawn out blocks of text, nor are they going to respond well to a lackluster picture.  If the image doesn’t immediately capture their attention they will simply move on.

Remember a Good Story Provokes an Emotional Response    

A perfect non- hotel example of an emotionally engaging story is Kelvin Doe

Kelvin Doe is a 15 year old from Sierra Leone, his story has gained international recognition for his ingenuity, creativity and heart.  His video on YouTube has over 4 million hits, because it elicits emotion from the audience.

Stories about real people’s lives provoke the greatest emotional reaction.  Hotels are in the business of creating an experience for people.  Properties should take advantage of this by learning some of the amazing stories that occur at their hotel every day.    Stories from events like weddings, meetings or charitable events can create meaningful content to document and share with future guests.

Find Your Voice

The Jupiter hotel is a wonderful example of a hotel doing it right.  They have clearly defined their target market and their voice.  The hotel often hosts events and shares the stories from these occasions on their social media channels.  The Jupiter has also done a great job of teaming up with neighboring shops and promoting “specials” via social media.  They recently teamed up with bike shop Velo Cult to offer a “Hop in the Saddle” package, creating a great connection with their community.  Having Velo Cult promote the package as well means building brand awareness through multiple channels.
Jupiter Facebook post

Bikes and Brews Jupiter Hotel FB post
Remember the purpose of a story is to stir an emotional response in the audience. From a hotel marketing perspective, telling a story is about triggering  an actionable response (i.e. booking)   Don’t just post images and share content, instead, tell a story that emotionally engages your audience.

To learn more about storytelling checkout our Tool Kit: Amplify Your Hotel’s Story

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