Drive More Bookings: Give Online Travel Shoppers What they Want

What Online Travel Shoppers WantOnline hotel booking is a $28 billion business in the U.S. alone.1 Travel shoppers have an enormous number of online options when researching travel opportunities and rely on an array of channels to compare and shop.

Research suggests that shoppers are visiting an array of online travel agencies (OTAs), trip research sites, and site aggregators to support their travel decisions. They are not merely relying on branded hotel sites – even when they engage in a final purchase transaction on a hotel’s own site or through offline channels.

So what are the implications of these trends for you? What are the essential takeaways that should guide your hotel marketing strategy?

Consider these:

– Effectively communicate the value and benefits of your hotels
– Communicate with prospective guests in ways that respect their time, clarify value and  build trust
– Provide engaging visual content – photos, video, 360 degree walkthroughs to convert  demanding, highly profitable prospects
– Have a rich, branded website and provide rich experiences on many other channels

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1. Harteveldt, Henry and Elizabeth Stark, Forrester Research, Poor Content Could Cost Travel eBusiness Money, Sept. 8, 2009.

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