Granite Hospitality Rocks at Online Merchandising

Granite Hospitality Rocks at Online MerchandisingFind out How Granite Hospitality has Developed a Rock Solid Online Merchandising Strategy to Reach and Relate to Hotel Guests

Established in 2006, Granite Hospitality is a strategic hotel investment and management company located in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Their rock solid online merchandising is a part of their greater online strategy which also includes SEO, PPC and social networking.

“We merchandise online in an effort to reach and relate to our guests… to be where they are. We not only want to be their destination of choice, but a tool or resource they can use when travelling to the cities in which our hotels are located,” says Melissa Bruckler, Hospitality E-Commerce Consultant for Granite Hospitality.

They first launched VBrochure for the Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood in August 2009. “The VBrochure Ultra Premium Multimedia Viewer has significantly improved the Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood’s online presence by displaying virtual tours, photos, video and written descriptions in an easily navigable format on thousands of web sites. It’s such a cost effective and powerful hotel marketing tool that we are adopting it for additional properties!”
Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood

Within one year of the implementation of the VBrochure Merchandising System – which allows for the syndication of the hotels media to channels in the VNetwork – the property has generated nearly 4,000 rich media views* – a strong indication that  travel shoppers want richer experiences like the Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood’s.

Further, if you look up the Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood in our Merchandising Health Index, you will see that their visual presence exceeds that of other hotels within a 5 mile radius! With VBrochure for the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center Fresno, Holiday Inn Buena Park-Knott’s Berry Farm and Sierra Suites in Sierra Vista, AZ, the experiences they provide travel shoppers across the Internet are much richer than before through the use of virtual tours, video tours and professional photos and text in their VPowered Multi-media Viewers.

“Now we are providing our potential guests a true view of who and what we are… of the quality of excellence we strive to achieve daily. We are able to showcase our hotels and add additional details allowing guests to really become comfortable with the hotel even before they arrive,” says Bruckler.

Melissa offers this piece of advice to her peers: “Have high quality photos taken – a must – and a high quality video – it doesn’t need to be expensive to have impact, but must be professionally made and give an overall picture of your hotel.  Then, get them distributed – your website, the social sites, associates/vendors and traditional 3rd party travel sites.  Make sure they will be seen where your guests are likely to be looking and researching.”

Granite Hospitality’s online merchandising is going to keep on rockin’ as they roll it out for their fifth property, Radisson Woodlands Hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Learn how VFM Leonardo’s VBrochure Online Merchandising System can help you rock at online merchandising. Contact us for a personal one-on-one webinar with an online merchandising sales consultant.

* VFM Leonardo’s ROI Calculator estimates an ROI of 722% and almost $24,000 in incremental revenue.

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