This Green Mountain State Hotel’s Visual Experience Will Leave You Feeling Green with Envy

Located in the Green Mountain State of Vermont, the Courtyard by Marriott Burlington Taft Corner is within easy driving distance to downtown Burlington attractions; major area businesses; close to Lake Champlain and Vermont ski resorts; and situated just three miles from Burlington International Airport.

The General Manager at the property, Shannon Moore, knows that “Online advertising and marketing opportunities for hotels continue to expand and the winners in the game are the ones who use what really works best.” They’re well on their way to winning the game with an online presence that would leave any competitor hotel feeling green with envy.

They were really looking for that edge over the competition and realized that video could definitely give them that. “Video is what our guests really expect these days. Still pictures don’t represent what is actually unique about the hotel,” believes Moore.

She’s right. Video brings a personal touch to the travel shopping experience and gives travel shoppers a better sense of what to expect. This makes travel shoppers more likely to take that next step to actually booking. Its showing in the increases in occupancy and ADR the hotel has seen so far. Moore shared that, “Video definitely has an impact on a guest’s decision to make a reservation. Our occupancy and ADR are up year over year.”

They use VBrochure to display their video to online travel shoppers across the internet. “The VBrochure system is a great way to display and syndicate a rich visual experience and to get our message across on every possible channel,” says Moore. That includes social media channels like Facebook. “Adding VBrochure to Facebook has definitely enhanced our page. A lot of hotels have Facebook pages, but number one is keeping the information current and relevant to guests.”

It’s clear that keeping their online presence fresh and budding with relevant information is top of mind for Moore. They update their VPowered Multi-Media Viewer as changes are made to the property so that the most up to date information is always available to travel shoppers.
Courtyard by Marriott Burlington Williston
“We want to make sure all of our relevant information is seen by our guests in the best possible way,” she says. “VBrochure gives us everything that we need in order to provide information to our guests. It does it in a professional way, it looks crisp, and it represents us to the best of our ability.”

To any hotelier looking to grow their online presence into a more engaging experience that makes their hotel stand out, Moore recommends VBrochure. “It will enhance anything that you have out there, whether it be your website, a facebook page, and part of social media that you have going on – it’s definitely an enhancement to the way future guests experience your hotel online.”

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