Harnessing the Power of Video: The Influence of Video on Conversions

Power of Video Why are more and more marketers using video and other forms of rich media to communicate with their customers?
To fully understand the power of video, consider the following:
  • In fall 2008, at the onset of the Great Recession, 50% of online retailers said that incorporating video or rich media on their websites was a top priority.  At the time, one-third of retailers were offering video to demonstrate their products.1
Why so much emphasis on Video? Because video drives sales. It’s that simple.
  • Online merchants such as PetsUnited LLC, a niche pet supplies retailer with 10 e-commerce sites, reports that the average sale tied to a video is 50% higher than if the shopper views only text and a photo.
  • Online camera and consumer electronics retailer Ritz Interactive Inc., which has deployed about 200 product demonstration videos, says video was a big reason for a 36% uptick in year-over-year sales through June 2008.
“Shoppers that view videos and read customer ratings and reviews spend more,” states Corbin de Rubertis, a principal with Fry Inc., now a part of Micros Systems Inc., and president of Qponix LLC, developer of widget applications for retailers.2
So what can hoteliers learn from this?
Take a look. The data for travel consumers is no different.
  • According to Forrester Research, 32% of travelers watch travel-related video to decide whether to book a particular hotel.3
  • Travel shoppers who watch a combination of virtual tours and videos on third-party sites are 115% more likely to book.4
  • 75% of travelers in North America are avid online video watchers.5
  • 1 in 7 travelers are influenced by travel videos throughout the planning process.6
Video is an advertising vehicle, a branding billboard and a sales tool.
It’s the most effective way to tell your unique story, convey your experience and differentiate your hotel in a vivid and highly compelling manner.
When video is added to VFM Leonardo’s VBrochure Online Merchandising System, this story is packaged and made more impactful across the travel web, wherever prospective guests are researching and planning their trips.
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