Hilton Woodcliff Lake Climbs to New Heights with a Rockin’ Online Presence

Nestled on 21 beautifully landscaped acres in Bergen County, New Jersey, the Hilton Woodcliff Lake Hotel is top among Northern New Jersey hotels for both business and pleasure. Being conveniently located just off the Garden State Parkway and just 35 minutes from New York City makes it a great alternative to Manhattan hotels.

Jeff Marshall, Director of Sales and Marketing, Hilton Woodcliff Lake and Area Director of Sales and Marketing for New Castle Hotels & Resorts, knows what online travel shoppers want.  “In this age of electronic, one-touch shopping, it is essential to deliver to the consumer the most comprehensive, attractive and engaging message possible.” This knowledge, coupled with the hotel’s unique resort-like setting and state of the art Amphitheater put the Hilton Woodcliff Lake up to the challenge of creating an online presence that would take their success to new heights.

They chose VBrochure to energize their visual presence and push it to the top – far above their competitors. They customized their VPowered Multi-Media Viewer with unique tabs for navigating their well-organized media and used expressive text to describe their story in more detail. All in all, it adheres to visual merchandising best practices, tells their hotel’s story and gives potential customers the feeling of ‘being there’.“High quality still images allow customers to focus on the many different features and amenities that our hotel offers that might be of particular interest to them. With VBrochure, video and photos are combined in one easily accessible, interactive, highly produced package for the customer, telling a compelling story about our hotel and all that we have to offer,” said Marshall.

Hilton Woodcliff Lake - Branded Player

Even when their viewer was all set up according to best practices and launched on thousands of online channels, they didn’t stop. They kept on going – adding a link to it from every page of their  independent website with a call to action that says “Click here to view our VBrochure” so it’s easy for their website visitors to find and view. Taking advantage of the option to create multiple customized viewers to suit their website needs, they also had a second viewer created that showcases their video only.

Hilton Woodcliff LakeThey utilize their viewers wherever and whenever they can – on their Facebook page to combine social and visual media, as a pop-up in email marketing campaigns and on their email signatures. “We use this tool in social media, direct marketing… wherever it is possible to showcase our hotel and win over potential customers,” said Marshall.

“We make sure to keep current using all of the online resources available including well-produced websites, search engine optimization, direct email marketing and social media,” said Marshall.  “All of these things work together to drive a high volume of traffic and capture business.” It’s this winning attitude and dedication that has helped the Hilton Woodcliff Lake reach their goals of engaging consumers, showing off their exclusive attributes and attracting more guests.

To other hotel marketers that want to follow in Marshall’s footsteps, he suggests, “if you are going to invest in online marketing, it is essential to employ high quality, creative and captivating media whenever possible to connect with your potential customer and to hold their attention.”

In just a short time following the launch of their customized VBrochure and hotel videos, the Hilton Woodcliff Lake reports a definite increase in bookings and traffic from online sources. Our investment in taking full advantage of the tools that VFM Leonardo offers to enhance potential clients’ visual online experience of our hotel certainly seems to be engaging customers and gainfully impacting our business.”

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