HK Hotels “Makes It” in New York

HKHotels & Hospitality is a family owned and operated collection of small luxury hotels in New York City that takes a unique approach to the art of hospitality.

For business or pleasure, their ideally situated hotels offer guests the Manhattan location they need, the lifestyle they desire, and the luxury and personal service they deserve.

Each of their hotels has its own distinctive personality and charm. What they share is a commitment to providing timeless beauty, exceptional value, and an outstanding travel experience for every guest visiting NYC.

HK Hotels have “made it” in New York. They are among the best in Manhattan, receiving prestigious rankings and votes for their distinctive qualities.

– The ultra posh Hotel Giraffe is a luxurious urban oasis offering a rare balance of excitement and tranquility. It was voted the Best Family-Friendly Hotel in New York.

– Hotel Elysee, a private country inn ambiance with an unbeatable Eastside Midtown Manhattan address was the Most Romantic Hotel in 2003 & 2006.

– Casablanca Hotel, a Moroccan style oasis of hospitality just off Times Square in New York City, was voted the #1 Best Times Square Hotel in 2007.

– Library Hotel, a thought provoking experience on fashionable Madison Avenue, was ranked the Best Luxury Hotel in the United States in the 2009 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards!

So they’ve got the rankings and votes. But, if you’re like many guests, you want to see for yourself, especially if you’re going to be paying a pretty penny for your stay.

From TripAdvisor to Yahoo! Travel to Frommer’s and thousands of websites and electronic distribution channels in between, you will find that HK Hotels consistently displays a combination of rich visual and written content that expresses their hotels’ unique personalities and communicates their value.

HK Hotels - Hotel Giraffe

High resolution photos, virtual tours with zoom and full-screen viewing options, alongside catchy headlines that drawn you in and descriptive details are available in a thoughtfully organized and easy to navigate multimedia viewer.

This way, you can evaluate the hotels and validate their respective claims to fame for yourself.

Adele Gutman, VP of Sales & Marketing at HK Hotels says: “VBrochure Ultra Premium helps express the personality, charm and beauty of each of our small European-style New York hotels through a rich visual experience.  We are now able to show the true value that our hotels offer guests which we believe is an effective way to drive more bookings.”

HK Hotels subscribes to VBrochure Ultra Premium for each of their hotels, which includes customized Multimedia Viewers displayed on thousands of traditional and social media channels. Learn more about VBrochure.

Since launching VBrochure Ultra Premium in May 2010, the virtual tours in the multimedia viewers for each of HK Hotels’ four properties have received thousands of views on VNetwork channels, ranging from 1,200 for one property to over 5,000 for another. This is evidence that travel shoppers want rich visual experiences and are engaging with their hotels on a whole new level as they research and evaluate hotel offerings online. To learn about the ROI of this volume of views click here.

Learn how VFM Leonardo’s VBrochure Online Merchandising System can help you drive sales by letting travel shoppers explore your hotels online like HK Hotels. Contact us for a personal one-on-one webinar with an online merchandising sales consultant.

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