This “City of Water” Hotel Dives Into International and Leisure Markets with Video – ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka

ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka overlooks the beautiful Dojima River and is just a short stroll away from the city’s Nakanoshima Park in the heart of Japan’s ‘City of Water’. Located in one of Osaka’s most energetic business centers, and neighboring the famed and luxurious Kitashinchi dining and entertainment district, guests at the ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka have the benefit of being in close proximity to some of the best destinations in the city. It’s also and is perfectly positioned for both discovering nearby Kobe, Kyoto, Nara, and other Kansai regions.

Most of their business is driven through OTAs in Japan and their brand and vanity websites. Their primary guest segment is Japanese business travelers. To quench their thirst for reaching a broader segment, they’re tapping into leisure and international markets.

For many, that’s not an easy task. Richard Rennie, General Manager, ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka, knows that “the customer is bombarded with information with everyone saying ‘pick me, pick me’ and they’re not sure what the product is or they make an assumption based on a couple photos.”

In order get bookings flowing in, they needed to cut through the clutter online.  Their strategy is to inform. “We give the customer the information they need so that they can make a decision based on price, value, and an understanding of the product that they are buying.”
For them, it was a no-brainer to use video to accomplish this because, as Rennie told us, “in this day and age, everything is digital. Putting a picture up on a brochure or website just doesn’t work anymore. You need to really communicate with the guest how your products are.”
One generic video didn’t cut it. They want their message to be crystal clear so they created multiple videos in the languages that their target guests understand – English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese – and began syndicating them to global travel websites using VBrochure.

 “We want the guests to fully understand what the [hotel] is about. Watching the video in a foreign language doesn’t sell the hotel as effectively. So we identified our key markets and put the video in their native languages,”said Rennie.

Travel shoppers are drinking it up. Their videos are averaging 700 video views per month and bookings are flowing. “We have had tremendous success, year over year and definitely gained market share in the last year. The numbers show that we are doing a good job with diversifying in international markets.”

It’s crystal clear that for the ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka, video is an effective way to connect with and inform travel shoppers with stories that are relevant to THEM. Rennie suggests that hoteliers, regardless of who their target markets are, should “give travel shoppers the information as if you were looking for it yourself… as if you were a travel shopper. That’s the way I look at it. How would I feel? What is important to me as a traveler? What are the basics, so safety, location, the type of rooms? Make sure that the information a customer is looking for is there, wherever they’re looking.”

Video is the way to go. “It’s something you just can’t overlook anymore, so take the plunge.”

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