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How are consumers using tablets vs. mobile?

In this edition of VTV E-Marketing Minute, we ask mobile expert Jed Scheiderman, Co-Founder and President of Tapped Mobile “how are consumers using tablets vs. mobile?”

If you prefer to read the transcript, here’s what Jed says:
“The short answer on how they use tablet vs. mobile is very different. From a phone perspective its really utility based, they are looking for information they are speeding a lot of time searching and they are communicating.  Typically what consumers want when they are on your site on a phone is your location, your hours, and how to contact you and I think keeping that in mind is the most important.  From a tablet perspective most of the consumption is from home its lean back which is an expression you are sitting back on the couch and you are absorbing content.
There is a lot of video content consumed on a tablet and it’s done using WIFI so the reality is from a tablet perspective you have the ability to use long form content and you have the ability to have a booking engine that is specifically optimized for the tablet.  Keeping those distinctions in mind you will probably be able to please and satisfy your consumer on both the phone and the tablet.”

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