How Can Hospitality Professionals Improve the Booking Process?

You spend a lot of time, energy and money making sure your website is enticing travel shoppers to envision the experience they can expect to have and make a booking – but what happens when they get to your booking page?

Does your story continue to entice them to actually convert or do they leave the page without booking a room?

Hospitality marketing expert Robert Cole, founder of RockCheetah, explains in this video what hospitality professionals must do to improve the booking process – and the big mistakes that keep travel shoppers from converting into bookers.

If you prefer to read the transcript instead, here’s what he said:

“Hotels develop websites that are beautiful and immersive, but when they transition to the booking process, all of a sudden “Poof”, everything is gone and it becomes a completely generic experience. Anything you can do to frame an individual’s experience in the frame of the hotel is beneficial to your property. For me personally, images such as dramatically lit nighttime architectural shots are great but, most people don’t really see your hotel like that and if your hotel is like that (empty with no people), you’re probably not going to be in business very long. Put travelers and guests into a framework where they can imagine themselves doing the things they want to do in your hotel.”

As Robert said, it’s important for the story you convey throughout the shopping journey to be consistent, from the moment someone lands on your website and all the way through the booking process.

Because without that great experience continuing into the booking process, you may quite simply lose your website visitor.

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