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How do social and SEO play together in your hotel online marketing strategy?

At Blue Magnet we definitely believe that social media and SEO should complement each other in your overall content marketing strategy.

We all know that Google Plus Local and Bing Social are important for hotels due to the impact of local citations and personalize engine results. Plus Google and Bing can look at your level of engagement and use those metrics and signals to determine if your content is authoritative and relevant for real users. If you are already creating buzz- worthy content for social media channels there are other opportunities to increase your SEO for instance, Facebook sponsored stories and pay to post ads. The new hype in link building is pairing your strong content strategies to gain paid organic links. By using Facebook’s ability to very specifically target your ideal audience of say, bloggers and journalist you can reach the people who are more likely to share your content and link back to your site. Plus Facebook ads and twitter ads aren’t that expensive and link building strategies like this promote a natural position profile so you can target the type of bloggers and sites that your want.

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