11 Tips to Repurpose Content to Save Time & Money: Part 3 of 4

Comedians, Procter & Gamble and CNN: what do they all have in common? They all reuse and/or repurpose their original content in some way.

Imagine having to come up with fresh, creative and effective content, no matter what your industry, on a timely basis, without taking advantage of past efforts to create material!

repurpose content marketing
Reuse vs. Repurpose: What’s the Difference?

There are many effective ways you can get more mileage out of one piece of content – and reusing and repurposing content are among the most popular.  Let’s make sure we understand the difference between the two before we dive into the tactics of it all.

Repurposing is when you take a piece of content and change its format and possibly the intended targeted audience so it serves a different purpose. An example would be if you took a hotel video and some still images from your website and posted the story on your Facebook page with a new caption. This “recycling” approach does three things for you 1) saves time and effort 2) keeps up with the demand for refreshed material and 3) contributes to the objective of keeping consistent with your brand message. Review your metrics and salvage those pieces that you know resonate with your audience to maximize results.

Reusing content is exactly as it sounds. You send out a tweet about a popular walking trail near your hotel and decide to reuse that exact same tweet a week later because of how well it did with your followers.

Both of these are very useful and effective ways to help save resources when sourcing and curating content to tell your hotel’s story while also staying fresh and authentic.

Okay, so we agree there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up with the contemporary hotel shopper’s need to be informed and entertained. Here are some tips on repurposing content smartly.

11 Ways to Repurpose Content

Here’s a scenario:

A bartender in your hotel’s restaurant came up with a really cool cocktail called “The Flaming Moe.” It tastes phenomenal and is equally as impressive to watch being made.  What a fun idea to include in your content marketing plan not only because it’s entertaining and describes an anticipated experience but also because you can re-package this story in a variety of different ways.

Hotel Marketing Repurpose Content
Here are 11 ideas on how you can keep it fresh:

  1. Snap a picture for Instagram (hint: take advantage of the filters and be sure to link it to your Facebook account)
  2. Draft a series of tweets that can be spread out throughout the month complete with hashtags to maximize exposure (have some fun with it!)
  3. Vine is a great video platform for a snackable walkthrough of your bartender’s mixology talents in just a few seconds
  4. Create an easy step-by-step tutorial (of #3) on Facebook in a longer text format, accompanied by photos
  5. Show the lighter side of your hotel staff by filming a behind the scenes recording with the bartender and post it to your YouTube channel (hint: smartphones are unbelievable with video resolution, so you don’t need a high-priced production team)
  6. Pin the recipe and photo to Pinterest. You can find many food & beverage boards on which to post (hint: be sure to link to your hotel’s website to help drive back traffic)
  7. There are a lot of free Infographic tools to play around with to make a different style of the “how-to” guide (hint: promote this on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest)
  8. Create an employee profile on your bartender with some cool insights of him or her
  9. Design a blog that can go on the popular microblogging website Tumblr
  10. Encourage your guests to post pictures of themselves at your restaurant and have them tag your hotel (hint: you could take this one step further and come up with a contest around it)
  11. Arrange an e-mail marketing campaign based on this theme. “Have you been to our bar and tried the Flaming Moe? Print this off and receive 20% off your next drink order. And be sure to get a picture with the inventor and post it to Instagram. P.S Bug him for an autograph!”

Look at all the creative ways you can turn just one content idea based around a drink into many innovative vignettes to reach a larger and broader audience. By repurposing this one concept, you now have enough content to easily last a month, and depending on its success, you can re-use or re-purpose it down the road again!

This is the third in a series of four blog posts about hospitality content marketing – easy tips to help you get started creating content guests want to see and share.



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