How Will Video Change the Travel Industry?

Colin Osing, Vice President of Marketing for SoMedia Networks, explains in this VTV eMarketing Minute how video will change the travel industry and what this means for hotels.

If you’d like to read the transcript instead, here’s what he explained:

“To be honest, any industry where visuals, emotions, experiences, mood…any industry like that where those types of things come into play, they’re going to get the most out of video and video marketing in the future. So, hotels specifically, I’d say not only do they fit the mold, they’re probably at the top of the hill.

When it comes to looking at the actual opportunity, take advantage of video to create loyalty with clients, guests, as well as to attract new guests. Travelers will reward those hotels that do a good job telling their story, it’s just that simple.

The easiest way to tell a story is generally through a professionally-shot video. According to Cisco, they do a big report every year that looks at overall internet traffic worldwide, and they forecast that 69% of internet traffic, by 2017, is going to be video-related. That’s up from about 50% last year! So, there’s huge upside in video and video marketing and people’s consumption of video and where it’s going.”

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