Video, Video, Video – The three most important factors in selling the hotel experience online

Find out why video is so valuable to Vandervert Developments & HotelsVandervert Developments & Hotels 
They say the three most important factors in real estate are location, location, location. What are the three most important factors in selling the hotel experience online? Video, video, video! Rebecca Selby, Director of Sales & Advertising at Vandervert Developments & Hotels says it herself “my advice to other hotel marketers is video, video, video…but GOOD video.”

A good hotel video meets a number of criteria. It’s authentic, relevant, short, informative, shareable and most of all, available. The best videos connect with travel shoppers on an emotional level. “Good video taps into people’s emotions. If you touch them emotionally, they will be more likely to book with you,” says Selby.

Vandervert Developments & Hotels was established in the early 1970’s and has expanded exponentially in recent years, now owning and managing dozens of development properties. While looking for a smarter way to get their hotel information (including visuals) ‘out there’ they found that “VBrochure was the best option, especially because VFM Leonardo is a Hilton preferred vendor.”

They recently launched VBrochure for four of their properties in Washington and Montana. The Hampton Inn Kalispell’s VPowered Multi-Media Viewer has their video as the first item in the navigation pane. It’s the first thing a travel shopper sees, instantly catches their attention and tells a much more impactful story than an image or plain text. “Video is a vital component of our online strategy. It gives the consumer a real-time feel of what they can experience at our properties.”Hampton Inn Kalispell
Of Vandervert’s four hotels participating in VBrochure, their Hampton Inn Kalispell has had the most video views to date. Based on the research, more video views means more bookings since travel shoppers who view video are more likely to book* than those who view only photos.
“I have seen an increase in bookings since the implementation of VBrochure,” states Selby. Their increase in occupancy over 2009 may be partially due to improved economy and increased travel but having video “out there” is also a significant factor in selling the hotel experience to travel shoppers and driving conversions.

Vandervert Developments & Hotels subscribes to VBrochure Ultra Premium for its properties. VBrochure is a complete online visual merchandising system that enables hoteliers to display video in an advanced multi-media viewer syndicated to thousands of travel websites. It gets hotel videos in-front of millions of travel consumers each week, making them engage longer and more likely to book. Learn more about VBrochure.

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*Results of a tracking study conducted by VFM Leonardo and a North American hotel chain that tracked the behavior of 1,000,000 travel shoppers revealed that travel shoppers viewing video are 89% more likely to book then those viewing only photos.

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