Instagram: Where Hotels Need To Be!

With its retro filters and snap-and-upload simplicity, mobile photo-sharing phenom Instagram has proven extremely popular with users. Originally launched on Apple’s iOS, Instagram has expanded to the Android platform and continues to grow rapidly, gaining a new user every second. (digitalbuzzblog)

Fast Facts:

  • More than 100 million users, uploading more than 50 photos every  second (digitalbuzzblog)
  • Apple’s “App of the Year” in 2011
  • Purchased by Facebook in 2012

Instagram has taken the social media world by storm, hoteliers need to recognize its potential to highlight your hotel and reach your clients in a new way.  Because it is a new channel for hoteliers we thought we would lists some do’s and don’ts to get you started!


Show Visitors the Human Side Behind the Counter.

While you never want to make your marketing all about you, it never hurts to show off the faces behind your business. It can help humanize your property and remind potential guests that your property is more than just a brand.

instaShow off the Surrounding Area.

Your visitors want to know what else your neighborhood offers beyond the hotel doors. With its filters and special effects, Instagram is a great way to make local restaurants and attractions look fun and appealing.

Take Lots of Photos… and Then Take Some More.

While you want to keep your Facebook albums tight and focused, Instagram is all about photos. Your followers will expect regular updates, or they’ll quickly forget why they follow you.


Get Too Personal.

While it’s great to show your staff hard at work and your guests enjoying your property, you never want to embarrass anyone. Awkward and embarrassing photos will create a negative image of your property in a user’s mind that you may not be able to shake.

Morgan Forget about Hashtags

Hashtags are everywhere, and play a critical part to joining a conversation within Instagram as well as give your hotel added exposure.

Who’s Doing it Right?

Morgans Hotel Group (Instagram: morganshotels) is a shining example of a hotel company doing Instagram right. With a following of over 3,200, they currently have over 625 photos many of which have received multiple likes and comments.

thompson Thompson Hotels: (Instagram: thompsonhotels) is definitely up there with Morgans on their Instagram ability. With over 550 gorgeous and interesting photos, they post frequently and visually catalogue the cities just as much as their own hotels. This has helped them grow a following of 3,800,

Remember Instagram is about showing off your hotel and surrounding areas, don’t be scared to highlight what makes your hotel unique and beautiful.  Remember to use hashtags to increase conversation and to take as many pictures as possible!  Start snapping!

For more information on how to share your hotel’s story on social media, check out The Hoteliers Ultimate Guide to Visual Storytelling on Social Media in 2013.


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